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  • Best Insurance Policy for New Born Baby in India


    Children are a bundle of joy for their parents. Every parent wishes to provide the best care to their new born babies. That is why they try to choose the best healthcare for their babies. However, healthcare expenses have gone through the roof. Affording such high expenses is a difficult task. That is why some health insurance policies provide new born baby coverage either as an optional cover or as an inbuilt cover with maternity. If it is inbuilt no additional premium is required but if the new born baby cover is optional, the policyholder would have to pay an additional premium to opt for the cover.

  • Best Health Insurance Plans for Individuals in India


    The health insurance industry offers a gamut of health plans for individuals. The plans are comprehensive and offer a wide scope of coverage. Besides providing inbuilt coverage features, there are optional benefits too which are available at the payment of an additional premium. Among the multiple Individual health insurance plans available, it becomes difficult to find out which plan is the best. Each plan offers something better than the other and so an average customer becomes confused. To sort this confusion, below is a list containing some of the best individual health insurance plans –

  • 5 Best Cancer Insurance Plans In India for 2018


    Cancer is a dreaded illness which not only causes physiological damages, it causes financial damages too. The treatment costs associated with cancer are very high whether it is the surgery for removal of cancerous cells or chemotherapy and radiation sessions. Coupled with the high treatment costs, the incidence of cancer has also increased. In fact, cancer has become a widespread illness where many individuals are being affected. The high rate of cancer cases and the expensive medical costs necessitate a Health insurance plan designed specifically for cancer. Thanks to innovations in the health insurance sector, insurance companies have developed cancer-specific health plans which cover cancer and its related treatments.

  • Leave It to Insurance providers To Pay for Your Better Health


    Health insurance providers always try and come up with innovative new ideas to reward you. These ideas, besides giving them an edge over their competitors, also provide you value added services. Yes, you can find various benefits which insurance companies give that pay for your better health. Want to know what these services are?

  • How to get the best Health Insurance Plan in India?


    Everyone wants the best, don't they? Whether it is apparels, gadgets or even the daily grocery, you want the best product available in the market. The same holds true in case of health insurance plans. Amidst the multiple plans available, you want the best plan. Do you know how you can get the best health insurance plan?

    The answer is simple - through comparing.

    Only when you compare the available health plans can you find the plan which is the best for your needs. You can see the coverage features offered by the plan, the premium rates, the value-added benefits and other parameters and choose the best plan. The online medium has also made comparing an easy task. You can simply visit the website of a reputed insurance broker or aggregator, enter your details and you would be shown a list of plans to compare. You can compare the available plans, make any changes you require and then buy the plan from the same platform. Simple, isn't it?

  • Health Insurance Portability - Things You Need to Know


    A health insurance plan has become a common necessity in today's inflationary age when medical expenses have become unaffordable. That is why many of you buy a health plan to secure your finances against any medical contingency which you might face. Many often than not, you buy health insurance without much consideration. Later you realise that there are other better plans out there in the market. If, however, you have been careful when selecting a plan, there might be other reasons which might make you think of switching to a new health insuranceplan. But what about the renewal benefits which your current health plan gives? Can you retain them when you switch to another plan?

    Yes, you can through the feature called porting of health insurance. Do you know what portability means?

    Health insurance plans are flexible in nature. They allow you to opt for additional coverage features, the policy tenure and also allow portability. Portability means changing your health plan with another plan from the same insurance company or from another insurance company. When you port, you get the renewal benefits of your existing health plan.

  • 7 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan


    There are hundreds of health insurance plans in India. Yes, you heard me right! With more than 20 insurers offering varied types of health insurance plans, you have a vast choice. Though having options is good, many times it becomes confusing when buying a health insurance plan. All of you want to buy the best health insurance plan available in the market. With a horde of plans to choose from, how do you make sure that the plan you buy is the best?

    Well, it is easy. You can buy the best plan if you follow some wise tips.

  • Best Private Health Insurance Plans for Families


    Private health insurance companies offer a range of health insurance plans for both individuals and families. Family floater health insurance plans are more popular because these plans cover the entire family under a single coverage. Each family member gets to enjoy optimal coverage and the premiums are also affordable. There are hundreds of private health insurance plans available in the market.

  • Best health insurance plans for senior citizens in India


    Senior citizens require a health insurance plan given their deteriorating health, low income and high medical costs. Since life expectancy is increasing, senior citizen face a serious financial threat in case of recurring medical contingencies. That is why, a health insurance plan dedicated to cover such individuals is necessary. Insurance companies understand the need of a senior citizen health plan and are therefore offering attractive senior citizen plans.

    With more than twenty insurance companies each offering a senior citizen health insurance plan, finding the best plan is a difficult choice. To make the choice easier, here is a list containing the best health insurance plans for senior citizens:

  • Best health insurance plans for parents in India


    Older parents have specialised health insurance needs. Since they might have prevailing ailments, they require a health plan which covers their illnesses after a short waiting period, allows good coverage features and charges a low premium rate too. Bearing these health insurance needs of parents, insurers have designed specialised parents health insurance plans. These plans are also called senior citizen health plans. Amidst the various plans available in the market, here are the best health insurance plans for parents in India:

  • Best health insurance companies in claim settlement


    A health insurance claim occurs when you face a medical emergency and incur medical costs. If the costs are covered by the health insurance plan, the insurance company pays for the costs incurred. There are about two dozen health insurance companies in India. Among these companies, the company which settles the maximum health insurance claim is considered to be the best. Though many companies have the good claim settlement records,

  • Best family floater health insurance plans in India


    There are a lot of health insurance plans available in the market covering the entire family. These are called family floater plans and they are cheaper than individual health insurance for each family member. Since family health plans are popular, every health insurance company offers a family floater plan. Among hundreds of family floater health insurance plans in India, it becomes difficult for individuals to choose the best. So, here is a list containing the best family floater health insurance plans in India:

  • The Most Asked Travel Insurance FAQs


    Travel insurance is one of the most commonly purchased forms of insurance across the world. In fact, it is often a mandatory requirement to buy a travel plan and you won't even get a visa without it! There are however some common doubts that many people have regarding travel insurance. If you too have some doubts and want to get all the confusion cleared, take a look at the common travel insurance FAQs and their answers mentioned in this article.

  • Health Insurance Renewal: Guide to Online Process


    A health insurance cover has become mandatory in today's age. If you don't believe me, consider the medical costs. Medical inflation is at an all-time high and the costs have become unbearable for the common man. In such cases, if you or your family member falls ill and is hospitalised, the medical bills have the potential of wiping out your entire savings. A health insurance plan protects your savings from this potential financial disaster. It pays for the medical costs and saves your money. Unlike life insurance plans which come for a longer tenure, health plans are annually renewable plans. If you want to enjoy the security offered by a health insurance plan, you have to renew it annually. Do you know how to do it?

    Many of you are not familiar with the health insurance renewal process. Especially with the progress of the online medium which allows you easy renewal process, many of you feel confused. So, here is a step by step guide to the online renewal process of your health insurance plan:

  • What are the Benefits of Group Medical Insurance Policy for Employees?


    Group health insurance policies cover a certain number of people together under a large health insurance umbrella. A group plan is commonly taken by an employer for all their employees. There are many benefits of group health insurance. Read on to know more.

  • What Does Travel Insurance Cover?


    Travel insurance is an excellent form of general insurance. It allows you to travel to the different corners of the world in a safe, secured and hassle free manner. A travel insurance plan covers your trip and keeps you protected against many unfortunate incidents that can happen while travelling. You can buy travel insurance plans online or offline as it is widely and easily available. It is important to choose a good travel plan with a comprehensive cover. However, all travel insurance plans have their lists of covers. It is vital for you to go through the inclusions and then choose an appropriate plan.

  • What Damages are covered under Commercial General Liability?


    Every business organisation faces a multitude of risks in its day to day operations. That is why there is fire insurance policy which guards against fire and related perils, directors and officers liability policy guarding against the mistakes made by the company's directors and officers, workmen's compensation policy for compensating the company's workers, etc. But what about general liabilities which the company faces against third parties? Which policy covers these financial liabilities?

    A Commercial General Liability insurance policy does. The policy covers liabilities which a business might face because of unintentional losses or damages caused to any third party. Commercial General Liability insurance policy has a wide scope of cover.

  • How can Road side assistance help you at the time of emergency?


    Last week my neighbors, Rahul and his wife, went out for a long drive. What started as a romantic getaway soon turned into a nightmare when their car broke down in the middle of nowhere and Rahul was left looking for help. As Rahul narrated to me the next evening, the couple were somewhere in the suburbs and couldn't locate a garage. Since it was the middle of the night, arranging for a mechanic also seemed a remote possibility. Spending few hours vainly searching for help, it was 4 a.m. in the morning when a car passing by stopped, helped them take their car to the nearest garage and also gave them a lift into the city. What a drive Rahul had! After he finished his story, I enquired why he didn't avail the roadside assistance service from his car insurance provider.

    Rahul was dumbstruck. He had no idea about this feature in his car insurance policy and asked me to enlighten him. Do you know what roadside assistance in your car insurance policy is and how it helps?

  • 3 Simple Steps for Making an Insurance Claim


    Buying an insurance plan is not enough. You need to know about the claim settlement process too. The ultimate aim of buying an insurance policy and paying the premium is to get claim settled when a need arises. If the claim is not processed properly or it is rejected, the entire purpose of buying insurance stands defeated. So you need to know how to successfully make a claim. Thankfully, the process is very simple these days and if you are a little organised and disciplined, your job will be completed on time. Take a look at this article to know about the three simple steps in which you can successfully make a claim on your insurance plan. .

  • How to Make a Claim for Marine Insurance Policy


    Marine insurance is a wide concept. Basically, it provides coverage for marine risks. It covers financial losses that may arise due to damage or loss of goods in transit on hull, cargo, ships, terminals or any transport or cargo. Marine insurance policy is very important for the financial integrity of the business that involves shipping of goods. Choosing the right plan and knowing the claims procedure are essential to act on the event efficiently.

  • Why You Should Consider a Cancer Insurance Policy?


    Cancer is a serious health problem that can be life-threatening as well. Early intervention is therefore crucial. Also, regular screenings and diagnostic tests are important as they can stop the cancer from harming you too much. However, if you still happen to get affected by the disease, you have to go through some very expensive treatment routines. Thankfully, these days cancer is covered under the health insurance umbrella. In this article we speak about the health insurance options available for cancer cure and prevention in India. Take a look.

  • Wish to Cover New Born under Health Insurance?


    Having a baby is a blessing. You become parents and take on new responsibilities. Your new born brings you joy and is therefore called your bundle of joy. You do everything possible to ensure that your new born is protected. You get proper vaccinations; ensure that your child gets proper nutrition and everything else that is required. What about health insurance for new born? Isn't that important for your baby too?

    Health insurance is important for your new born given the high medical costs which incur in case of any unforeseen medical complication. Do you know how to get your new born covered under your health insurance plan?

  • What is Waiting Period in Health Insurance?


    Health insurance plans provide a comprehensive scope of coverage against medical costs. They cover you for your hospitalisation and treatment expenses and spare you any financial difficulty related to your medical costs. Moreover, health insurance plans also provide various value-added coverage features to enhance your health insurance experience. However, there are some terms and conditions and exclusions associated with the coverage available in a health insurance plan. One such term is a waiting period. Do you know what it means?

    In simple terms, waiting period in a health insurance plan means a period during which coverage for a particular ailment or treatment is not available. You have to wait out the specified period before you can enjoy coverage for such treatment or illness.

  • Steps to Find Best Health Insurance Company in India 2018


    Do you know how many health insurance companies are there in India?

    More than two dozen! Each company offers a variety of health insurance plans and you are spoilt for choice. Among so many health insurers, do you know how to find the best health insurance company in India?

  • Most Common Pitfalls in Health Insurance Claim


    Your health insurance plan proves beneficial when it successfully settles your claim. It is at that time that you realise the importance of your health insurance plan. But what if you are unable to get your health insurance claim settled? Wouldn't it be a nightmare?

    There are times when your health insurance claims get rejected or are delayed. Most often than not, it is your fault which leads to any delay or rejection of your claim. You make mistakes with your claim process which creates a problem with your health insurance claim.

  • Health Insurance Premium: How it is calculated?


    Different health insurance plans have a different rate of premium. Most of you, therefore, wonder what the reason for the differentiating premium is. Well, the answer is simple. Premium rates of health insurance plans are calculated keeping in mind various factors. If the factors affecting the premium change, the premium rate also changes. Do you know what these factors are? You might not.

  • Documents Required for Health Insurance Plans in India


    Health insurance plans have become quite important in today's age when medical costs have become very high. To face such high medical costs individuals are increasingly buying and securing themselves with a health insurance plan. Thanks to the online mode, buying a health insurance plan has also become very easy and convenient. You can visit the website of a reputed broker, compare the plans available in the market, and find the coverage that you want, make online payment and buy the plan. It is as simple as that.

    Some documents are required when you buy health insurance plans. These documents verify your details and help you buy the plan quickly. If you keep the required documents handy, the plan is issued easily and quickly. Do you know what are the documents required for health insurance in India?

  • A Guide to Buy Health Insurance Plans for Women


    Women essay multiple roles suiting the requirements of their family. Besides being an excellent homemaker, a woman can also be a superlative career woman if she puts her mind to it. In fact, women have, in recent times, achieved excellence in both business and service. There are many women entrepreneurs and employees who have made a name for themselves. However, when it comes to buying a health insurance plan, ignorance is common among most women.

    Don't women require a health plan for themselves?

    They do. Given the physical stress a woman puts herself in she must have a health insurance plan to cover for medical emergencies. The plan would provide good healthcare facilities to women and ensure that they get the best treatment without worrying about the financial aspect.

  • Benefits and Features of Car Insurance Policies


    Most of you know that a car insurance policy has been mandatory by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. But, do you know about the benefits and features of such plans?

    Many don't. They simply buy a car insurance plan because they are mandated to do so. But, besides being mandatory, a car insurance plan also has many benefits and salient features. Let us exploreits benefits and features:

  • List 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in India


    The Indian car insurance market has various players offering a car insurance policy. When you set out to buy car insurance for your car you would find multiple companies offering their plans. Do you feel confused about choosing the best car insurance company?

    Don't feel confused any more. Here are top 10 car insurance companies in India today which offer the best car insurance plans:

  • Best Student Travel Insurance Plans in India


    A student travel insurance plan is a useful tool for students who are travelling abroad for higher education. Going to a foreign land is a risky affair where any contingency is bound to put a hole in the pockets of the students or their parents. That is why, many international universities insist on a mandatory overseas health insurance cover on the student's life before granting admissions. Student travel insurance plans in India provide the required medical coverage and other coverage benefits which makes international education risk-free for students.

    Given the benefits of student travel plans, many insurers offer such plans. Choosing the best student travel insurance plan amidst many is a challenge. However, here are two of the best student travel insurance plans for aspiring students which not only provide a comprehensive coverage, they also involve lower premiums. So, for getting a student travel insurance plan let's explore the best plans available:

  • List of Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in India


    Travel insurance provides a comprehensive scope of coverage against unforeseen contingencies which you encounter when you travel. These contingencies cause financial loss against which a travel insurance plan provides compensation. As such, many individuals prefer to secure their trips under a travel insurance plan when they travel. Given the benefits provided by travel insurance, there are a lot of travel insurance companies in India which offer different types of travel insurance plans. Amidst dozens of travel insurance companies in India, selecting the best is always a difficult task. That is why here is a list of top 10 travel insurance companies. You can choose the best travel insurance plans from these below-listed companies.

  • Types of Travel Insurance Policies in India


    Travel insurance plans protect you against possible eventualities which you might face when you are travelling individually or with your family. The plan pays for the financial expenses incurred and thus comes to your aid. In fact there are different types of travel insurance plans available in the market which cater to different requirements and suit everyone. Do you know the types of travel insurance in India? Let's find out:

  • Top 5 Family Health Insurance Plans in India


    Family is a prized possession and therefore everyone tries and does what's best for themselves and their families. When it comes to health insurance plans too, family floater plans are hugely popular because these plans cover the entire family under one umbrella. A single policy is issued covering all the family members with a single sum insured and a single premium amount. You can cover yourself, your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents under a family floater plan. Each covered member enjoys the sum insured jointly as well as independently. Premiums are cheaper compared to individual health plans for each family member.

    Because family floater plans are very popular, there are many insurance companies which offer a family health insurance plan. Among the multitude of plans available, here are the top 5 family health insurance plans for you to consider:

  • Health Insurance Claims Ratio of the Insurers in India


    When you compare health insurance plans and health insurance companies, you look at the coverage features offered, premium charged, number of tied-up hospitals, etc. But, the health insurance claim ratios are often ignored. The main reason for ignoring these ratios related to health insurance claims is a lack of knowledge. Since the ratios are calculated using a specified formula, many of you give it a miss either because you don't know the formula or you don't have the data at hand. However, these ratios about health insurance claims should be a parameter of comparison between different health insurance companies.

    There are two types of health insurance claim ratio. One is the claim settlement ratio and the other is the incurred claims ratio. Let's understand what these ratios mean in the context of health insurance claims:

  • Top 10 health insurance companies in India


    The Indian health insurance market has more than a dozen general insurance companies. Many of the general insurers offer different types of health plans. As such, when you set out to buy an insurance for your healthcare needs, you find so many plans from so many different companies that you get confused. To solve this confusion, here is a compilation of top 10 health insurance companies in India which promise you the best health plans.

  • Types of health insurance policies in India


    Health plans in India come in different variants. Each variant offers tailor-made insurance coverage for different needs. Let us explore the different types of health insurance plans available in the health insurance sector:

    Firstly, we can divide health plans into two categories - indemnity health plans and fixed benefit plans. Each category is then subdivided into different types. Let's understand:

  • What is Covered and not Covered underEmployee Accident Insurance?


    Accidents can happen at any time to anyone. Such unfortunate event can leave anyone financially strained. Considering the possible financial impact, many employers include employee accident insurance in their employee welfare schemes.

  • Complete Guide to Online Health Insurance Renewal Process in India


    Health insurance policy safeguards you from unforeseen medical emergencies during the term of the policy. A best health insurance plan offers range of benefits like medical expenses, hospitalisation cost, and domiciliary hospitalisation, day-care procedures, pre and post hospitalization benefits along with many other riders and add-ons. Benefits offered may vary among various insurers.

  • How to Claim Compensation under Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance?


    Much as you would like to you cannot control your bike from skidding or facing an accident. Especially as a youngster, when speeding on your bike is considered cool, you end up damaging someone else’s vehicle or property or, worse, a pedestrian. Blame it on your hormones or the lack of driving skills but when you damage someone else’s vehicle you are required to pay for the damages sustained. My friend Rahul learned this when his bike skidded and rammed into a parked car.

  • How to Claim Insurance for Bike Accident If Your Friend was Driving?


    ‘Sharing is caring’, haven’t you heard this a million times? Friends are important and that’s why you share your things with them. How can you say no? After all, friendship means sharing and helping out your friend, isn’t it? What if your friend wants to loan your bike? Do you say no?

  • Bike Insurance Covers Financial Liability In Case You Injure Any Pedestrian


    Zipping across town in your bike is a thrilling experience. The feel of wind whooshing in your ears gives you an adrenalin boost. That is why many youngsters are speed-loving and indulge in buying a bike. But what about the other effects of this adrenalin rush? You are prone to accidents, aren’t you? What if you injure a pedestrian in the process of enjoying the thrill?

  • What are the benefits of Office Package Insurance Policy?


    The office is an integral part of every business unit as it is the place where managerial, administrative and executive work is carried out. The office premises represent the face of the company. Does it, however, require an insurance policy?

    Yes, it does. The office is, usually, a rented space which contains a lot of equipment required for the daily business operations. In case of any loss to the office premises, the business stands to lose money. As such, an office insurance policy is required which would cover the losses suffered by the office.

  • What Travel Insurance Does not Cover?


    Travel insurance is a part of general insurance. That allows you to travel to the different corners of the world in a safe and secured manner. The plan covers your trip and keeps you protected against many unfortunate incidents that can happen while travelling. It is vital for you to go through the exclusions and then choose a travel insurance plan accordingly.

  • What is Workers Compensation Policy and How does it Work?


    Human touch is quintessential to every business organisation no matter how automated it is. Right from production to making executive decisions, employees and workers are required by businesses if they are to function smoothly. When it comes to employees, one cannot ignore the possibility of accidents, injuries and death which might occur during the course of employment. In these contingencies, business units are legally liable to compensate the employee or his family for the loss suffered. This legal liability was imposed on organisations through the Workmen's Compensation Act which was passed in the year 1923. Since the Act came into effect, it has been monitoring businesses and protecting the rights of employees to claim for compensations arising out of bodily injuries or death due to their employment.

  • Family Health Insurance Vs Individual Health Insurance


    Health insurance has gained a lot of popularity lately. With the raising of wide variety of diseases and increasing rate of healthcare inflation, securing health has become all the more important. A good health insurance policy is an ultimate solution to safeguard yourself and your family from healthcare expenses. Though, increased awareness has made people realize the importance of health insurance, buying the right one as per individual's healthcare need is a quite difficult task.

    When you decide to buy a health insurance plan, insurers offer you plans in two variants - individual health insurance plan and family floater plan.

  • What are the Special Features of Marine Insurance Policy?


    Marine insurance plays an important role in any kind of shipping business by safeguarding you against risk of damage or loss to cargo, ships or any transport by which the goods or property is transferred, acquired or held between the points of origin and the final destination. There are various types of marine insurance policies that can suit to different needs and requirements. Availing the best marine insurance policy can help business to mitigate the financial pitfall that can happen due to loss or damage of goods in transit.

  • 3 Reasons: Why you should compare health insurance plans


    Health insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance. As a result, everyone needs a good health insurance cover. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from and you are sure to find an appropriate plan to cover your health. It is however very important for you to find the best possible cover among all the options. A good way to do this is by comparing all the health insurance plans.

  • Why Zero Depreciation Policy is important for your car?


    A car insurance policy is a mandatory cover for your car as per the regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to pay for liability claims to third parties. Furthermore as cars are purchased on loan the financier requires the asset to be protected for loss or damage to the car As such, if you own a car, you should have a valid car insurance policy on it. With a car insurance policy comes various add-on covers. A zero depreciation cover is one such add-on rider which comes with a car insurance plan. This add-on cover has a lot of benefits and that is why it is recommended to be added to your car insurance plan. Before we understand the importance of a zero depreciation cover, let us understand what it means.

  • When do insurance companies declare total loss claim of the vehicle?


    What is total loss?

    A total loss arises when your vehicle is so severely damaged that the claim payable by the insurance company for the cost of repairs is more than 75% of the IDV of the vehicle.

    For a claim to qualify as a total loss, some factors need to be considered. These factors are as follows :

     The insurer's liability towards the claim should be more than 75% of the IDV of the vehicle. The insurer's liability would be computed as follows: Cost of repairs - (depreciation of the parts + compulsory deductible portion + any voluntary excess + cost of repairs not associated with the accident + any other uncovered expenses) This amount represents the claim which the insurance company is supposed to pay. When this claim exceeds 75% of the cost of the IDV, the claim is treated as total loss.

  • Maternity Insurance Features Which You Get with Health Insurance


    Becoming a mother is a privilege, a privilege which is enjoyed by women alone. Motherhood not only brings added responsibilities for a mother, but for the father too. While the mother is tasked with nurturing and taking care of the infant, the father bears the financial expenses involved. Right from the time the child takes seed in the womb, to the time it is born and brought up there are various additional expenses which are incurred. Childbirth itself is an expensive process where hospitals charge huge amounts of money. Does your health insurance plan cover such expenses?

    There are health insurance plans which cover maternity-related expenses. They include maternity insurance in their list of coverage features and thus cover the expenses incurred in childbirth.

  • Some Tips Every Women Should Know to Stay Fit and Healthy


    Women have been credited with many powerful maxims. A woman, they say, is a force of nature. She has the strength to face difficult times and the serenity to accept adverse ones. She can single-handedly manage her career and her home. She juggles the role of a mother, wife, housekeeper, cook and what not and yet, when it comes to health, she becomes ignorant. She devotes all her time in taking care of others but when it comes to her, she runs out of time. Women have neglected their health and that is why many of them suffer from ailments, weakness and diseases. Are you one among such women?

    As a woman, you should take care of your health religiously as you are prone to various illnesses and diseases. Your health bears the brunt of your career and family and, so, it requires care and upkeep. Do you know what you should do to take care of your health?

  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Indian Insurance Sector


    Having a complaint or a grievance with the insurance company or an insurance intermediary is not uncommon. Various policyholders feel that they have been cheated with respect to their insurance policy. They either feel that the agent sold them a wrong policy or that the insurance company did not fulfil its end of the bargain. What is to be done in the event of any complaint? Does the policyholder have any room for redressal of his / her grievances?

    Actually, the policyholder does. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has made sure that there is a grievance redressal process for the aggrieved policyholders. It is known as the Protection of Policy Holders Rights. This process starts with the insurance company and escalates up to the consumer forum if the customer does not find the resolution to a complaint. So, let's understand the grievance redressal mechanism available for insurance policies -

  • Reforms for Health insurance under budget 2018


    Mr. ArunJaitley presented the Union Budget 2018-19 in the parliament in New Delhi on 1st February, 2018. For last four years the Government has been giving the pledge of honest, transparent, strong and confident 'New India' to the people of the nation. Finance Minister Mr. ArunJaitley said that, this programs and changes will drive India among the fastest growing countries in the world.

    According to him, India has stated the ambition to achieve global health coverage by the coming 2030. The major step towards the universal health coverage objective will be a successful PPP model for diagnosis and treatment. Budget 2018 will strengthen this benefit and focus on consolidating provision of good health care to economically less privileged as well as the senior citizens.

  • Impact of the Union Budget 2018 on Health Insurance Sector


    Each year, the Budget is one of the most anticipated announcements made by the Government as this affects each and every citizen of the country and most of the sectors in the economy. Budget 2018 impact on healthcare industry is going to be massive with some major reforms announced. This year when the finance minister presented the budget in the parliament, a programme called, "Ayushman Bharat" was announced. The programme, popularly called Modicare, will be launched on 15th August or 2nd October 2018. has increased the insurance cover that is given to the poor families and will bring about improvements in the infrastructure of the primary healthcare sector.

  • What steps to be taken if the vehicle is stolen?


    Losing your belongings to theft is a sad thing especially when the belonging lost was close to your heart. Take the case of your bike for instance. It is a prized possession for many of you who have bought one after many financial sacrifices. If your bike is stolen, don't you feel a sense of dread?

    You do. However, is preventing the theft of your bike in your hands? Partly it is. If you follow some precautionary measures you can prevent your bike from being stolen. Do you know how?

  • Tax benefit in health insurance Under Section 80D


    A health insurance plan has become a necessity in today's age when diseases and illnesses have become rampant. The medical expenses are so high that they give a common middle-class man a run for his money. A health plan, by meeting the medical costs, provides the much-needed relief from the financial strain which a medical emergency brings. Besides being a financial reliever, did you know that a health insurance plan saves your taxes too?

    Yes, if the coverage benefits were not reason enough, the tax-saving angle might further motivate you to invest in a health insurance plan. Do you know the tax benefit which you can get from a health plan? Let's find out :

  • Know the Rights You Have as an Insurance Policyholders


    Insurance is a technical concept which involves a lot of jargons not easily understood by customers. As such, there is rampant miss-selling. In fact, even if the customer is sold a right policy, he doesn't understand the terms and conditions of the policy. As such, there are grievances and complaints from the customer's end. To handle such grievances and to ensure that the customer's voice is heard, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has outlined policyholder's rights. According to IRDA, every policyholder has pre-sale and post-sale rights which the insurance company and the intermediary have to protect. Do you know what these rights are? Let's find out :

  • Should File a Car Insurance Claim for a Minor Accident?


    Since a car insurance policy is a mandatory requirement, we pay premiums every year to keep our car continuously covered. When our car suffers any damage, however minor it might be, we eagerly raise a claim with the insurance company. Ritika did the same thing. She was driving back home from office when she nicked the rear of her car and got a little dent. She promptly thought of raising an insurance claim after reaching home. However, her husband stopped her from raising a claim for such a minor damage. He explained to his disappointed wife that making a claim would actually cost her more.

    Surprised? Don't be. What Ritika's husband told her was true. She stood to lose more by making a claim rather than by getting the repairs done herself. Want to know how? It was because of the feature called No Claim Bonus. Do you know what it is? Let's find out :

  • What are Deductible and not Payable Repairs in Motor Insurance Policy?


    Have you ever made a claim in your motor insurance policy? If you have you must know that the insurance company does not pay the entire cost of repairs. Some amounts are deducted from the claim amount and then the remainder is paid. Do you feel cheated by this practice of not paying the entire claim? Well, you shouldn't. It is true that your motor insurance policy deducts some expenses from your claim amount. But, do you know what expenses are deducted?

    There are quite a few heads of expenses and deductibles which are deducted from your claim amount before it is settled. Here is a list of such expenses or amounts which are not paid and also the reason why :

  • What can prevent rejection of motor insurance claims?


    When we buy a motor insurance policy, we do so because it is a mandatory requirement. Thus, we part with our hard-earned money on the legally compulsory motor insurance cover. We believe that the policy would come in handy when we face an accident and make a claim. But what happens when our motor insurance claim gets rejected? We feel sad, cheated and also face huge financial expenses. But do we ever look inwards and find out why the claim was rejected? Were we to blame for the rejection?

    Most often than not, it is we, the policyholders who make errors which result in rejection of our motor insurance claims. Such errors, however, can be avoided. There are ways to avoid rejections of motor insurance claims. Do you know what they are? Here are some ways in which you can prevent rejection of your motor insurance claims :

  • What is IDV and How it is calculated?


    A car insurance policy is different from your basic life and health insurance policies. In the latter two, the coverage amount (Sum Assured) is selected by you and it remains constant throughout the policy tenure. In a car insurance plan, however, the coverage amount is not called the Sum Assured. It is called the Insured Declared Value (IDV). This Insured Declared Value reduces as your car ages. When you search and buy your car insurance policy, the Insured Declared Value determines the coverage value and affects the premium for your car insurance policy. So, what exactly is the Insured Declared Value? Let's find out :

  • How Survey is Improtant Before Repairing Accidental Car?


    Though you might feel that buying a car insurance policy year on year is a burden on your finances, the policy's value is felt when a claim happens. Though you might boast of being the safest driver, accidents are common and, in some cases, unavoidable. In case of an accident, your car is not spared the brunt of damages and if your car faces any damage, a repair is inevitable. Needless to say, repairs incur expenses, expenses which are substantial and burn a hole in your pockets. A car insurance policy comes to your rescue in these situations. It pays for the damages suffered by your car if you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance policy. But, making a claim might be a difficult affair if you are not conversant with the rules.

    Insurers have a protocol when it comes to claim settlement of car insurance policies. The first step in this protocol entails informing the insurer immediately after an accident has occurred. Insurers provide a helpline number to customers. This number is to be contacted in case of a claim. After informing the insurance company, a survey is arranged before your vehicle is repaired. But, is the survey necessary?

  • How to Renew Expired Motor Insurance Policy Online?


    Driving without a valid motor insurance policy is as serious an offence as driving without a valid driving license. That is why, having a continued insurance cover on your vehicle is essential. In case of cars, the car insurance policy is issued for one year after which it should be renewed. However, in case of bikes, the two-wheeler insurance policy is, nowadays, issued for 1-3 years. Even in case of a long-term policy, the policy comes up for renewal after the stipulated tenure is over. Do you know how the policy can be renewed?

  • Why You Should Buy Long Term Tow Wheeler Insurance Cover


    Neerav didn't like hassles. He was a smart guy and did smart work. He had a trendy bike but didn't like the associated bike insurance plan which demanded annual renewals. He found such annual renewals inconvenient. That is why, most often than not, his policy lapsed. Renewals were done when he got time which, for him, was in scarce supply. Once, when renewing his bike insurance policy, Neerav came across long-term two-wheeler plans. What a blessing they were! He bought a plan once and was free from the hassles of renewals for 3 straight years! He couldn't have asked for more.

    Thanks to IRDA's current regulations, you, like Neerav, can find long term insurance plans for your two-wheelers. These plans have a term of 2 or 3 years and cut down on the inconvenience of annual renewals. Currently only two-wheeler insurance policies have a long-term tenure. Do you know how beneficial these long-term policies are? Let's find out :

  • Want to know why insurer deducting some amount from car insurance claim


    A car insurance policy is a contract of indemnity. It compensates for the financial loss suffered by you in case of an accident. The principle of indemnity states that you should not make any profit or loss from insurance. Through the insurance claim paid you should be reverted back to the same financial position which you had before suffering the loss or damage. That is why, when a car insurance claim is made, the claim settled is lower than the actual cost of repairs incurred.

    Many of you might feel cheated when your car insurance company does not settle your car insurance claim completely. But you should not. There are, in fact, justifiable reasons for deducting some amount from your claim. Want to know what these are? Let's find out :

  • Know About the Used Car Ownership and Insurance Transfer


    Many of us buy a used car for various reasons. For some it is because of financial constraints that they cannot afford a brand new car. For others a used car fulfills a second mode of conveyance as they already have one car. Moreover, used cars let us buy premium model of a car at lower rates too. Buying a used car has also been simplified as dealers have gone online where you can select a car of your choice from the comfort of your own home. You also get used car loans for buying a used car. Though buying a used car is easy, do you know the formalities involved in getting the ownership and insurance on the car transferred?

    Buying a used car is not that simple as you have to take care of the technical and legal matters too. You have to get the car transferred in your name on paper and also get the car insurance policy transferred. Do you know how to go about transferring the ownership and insurance of a used car?

  • What is the schedule of depreciation on different items?


    The true purpose of having a comprehensive motor insurance policy is felt without a doubt when your vehicle suffers damages and you make a motor insurance claim. When the insurance company pays the cost of repairs which, otherwise, had been your headache, you feel a sense of calm and relief. But your calm and relief is short-lived when the repair costs are not paid in full. The insurance company makes some deductions in the total repair bills and then the claim is settled. Have you wondered why such deductions are made?

    Deductions from your motor insurance claim are done, mainly, for two reasons. One is the portion of compulsory deductible which represents the mandatory amount of claim paid out of your pockets. The other is the depreciation on your vehicle's parts which have been repaired. This rate of depreciation is different for different parts of the vehicle. Do you know this schedule of depreciation? No? Let's find out :

  • If repair cost is too high, can insurance company ask you for higher copay?


    A motor insurance policy is a mandatory insurance cover which your vehicle is required to have if you plan on using it on Indian roads. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates a motor insurance policy on every type of motor vehicle. That is why, like it or not, you are supposed to buy and renew your motor insurance policy every year so that your vehicle has a continuous cover.

    There are two types of motor insurance policies. One is the mandatory legal liability cover which protects you financially if your vehicle harms a third party or property and you become liable for the damages. The second is a comprehensive motor insurance policy which covers legal liability as well as any damages faced by you or your vehicle. A comprehensive policy is more effective as it pays for the repair costs when your vehicle suffers any damage.

  • How depreciation is calculated for the purpose of claims?


    Though a mandatory motor insurance policy ensures that you get financial assistance whenever your vehicle faces any damage, the entire claim is not paid by the insurance company. There are some deductions from your claim amount and then the company settles the claim. Depreciation is one such deduction which affects your claim amount. Do you know how depreciation is calculated when your claim is settled?

    The rate of depreciation is different for the different parts of your vehicle. Here is how the schedule of depreciation looks like :

  • Bike insurance for youngsters


    Today morning I was very excited as I was going to buy my brand new bike. It is sleek, fast and, above all, a style statement. I donned my favorite jeans and t-shirt, took my friend along with me and visited the dealership with an unmistakable swagger in my step. I talked to the sales representative and finalized the deal when I was told about the cost break-up. I knew the cost but the break-up surprised me. What was the premium of a two-wheeler insurance policy doing on my bike's cost?

    Being young, your bike must be the primary adventure on your mind. Why think about insurance when you should be taking out your bike for a spin? However, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, mandates a two-wheeler insurance policy. So, like it or not, you have to know about your bike's insurance policy if you are to drive one.

  • Break in two-wheeler insurance policy


    Hi Guys, I'm Sneha, Rahul's sister. You all enjoyed the rides on his Super Bike (SB), dad's graduation gift to him. He lavished all his love and affection on SB to the exclusion of all. Now they are both in the hospital. Rahul will be out in a day but his beloved SB is totaled. Know what! All the love and affection and he forgot to renew SB's insurance. The damages are ninety-five grand which Rahul bhai is condemned to bear, courtesy our dad. What was a year's premium? Just Rs. 2745/-!

    Rahul's case is not uncommon. Being a youngster there are far too many adventures on your mind than renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy. That is why you, knowingly or in ignorance, let your policy lapse. But, is it a wise choice?

  • Best practices of keeping your vehicle in good conditions


    We all love our vehicles, don't we? Whether we buy a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, our vehicle not only serves the purpose of conveyance, it is also held close to our hearts. Perhaps that is why, a minor dent has the potential of increasing our heartbeat several notches higher, doesn't it? Though you might be very zealous in keeping your vehicle safe and sound, uncertainties come unannounced. Any other vehicle might ram into your vehicle and cause damages. Moreover, sometimes, the way you drive might also pose threats to your vehicle's safety. There are other countless reasons why your vehicle might suffer damages. Then, how can you keep your vehicle in good conditions?

    Though you cannot avoid unannounced perils, there are some ways in which you, as a proud vehicle owner, can keep your vehicle safe and in good conditions. Here are the ways :

  • Can I get cashless claims only if I have bought policy from the dealer?


    Where do you buy your vehicle from? You buy it from a dealer, right? Since a motor insurance policy is mandatory with every type of vehicle, the dealer usually attaches an insurance policy to the vehicle when it is bought. This also reduces the hassles on your part to search and buy a motor insurance policy. But, does the policy bought from the dealer also ensure a cashless claim settlement?

    There is a process which should be followed when it comes to making motor insurance claims. If you follow the process and make a claim, not only would your claim be settled smoothly, you can also avail a cashless claim facility. Do you know the claim process? Here is how it goes :

  • How Total Constructive Loss is calculated?


    Though you love your vehicle very much and protect it against any damaging contingencies, there are instances when your vehicle is damaged beyond repairs. What do you do in such situations? Do you get your vehicle repaired or do you replace your totaled vehicle with a new one?

    Though a comprehensive motor insurance policy covers the repair costs incurred in case your vehicle suffers damages, there is a concept of Total Constructive Loss or Constructive Total Loss. Do you know what it means?

  • Maternity Health Insurance


    Motherhood is a joyous feeling. The delight of bringing a new life into the world, the maturity of taking on a responsibility of a child, watching the child grow, all these joys can only be experienced by parents. But what about the associated costs? Aren't the costs a nightmare?

    Right from the time you get pregnant till the time your child becomes financially independent, there are huge expenses involved. What if some of these expenses are handled?

  • Health insurance for the disabled


    Fate played a cruel joke when my close friend met with an accident and lost both his hands. Though his disability was a challenge for him initially, he was mentally strong. He learned to live with his disability without complaining. In fact, he even became an example to other disabled individuals who looked up to him for motivation. That was why it came as a surprise to me when he lamented about his condition one evening over coffee. He was worried about getting a health insurance plan with his condition. Was he right?

  • Health insurance at the age of 60


    Reaching 60 years of age is a milestone in itself. You have seen the highs and lows of life, accepted and completed numerous responsibilities along the way and handled work-related stress on a daily basis. That is why, 60 signifies a break. You approach retirement when most of your financial liabilities are over and you think about indulging yourself. But, can you ignore your health?

  • E-Insurance Accounts


    The world is going digital. Thanks to the initiatives taken by our current Prime Minister, India is not behind. Internet has become so popular that you can buy anything online; right from a needle to a car. The digital platform is fast, secure and convenient. That is why it is no wonder that besides conducting transactions, the online medium is also used for storing data. You can store all your important files online and find them when you want. Just like you use a demat account for share trading, eInsurance Accounts have been introduced in the context of insurance. Have you heard about them?

  • Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans - Do You Need One


    Health insurance plans are evolving with changing times. Insurance companies are offering different types of health insurance plans. There are normal health plans which provide an exhaustive coverage, illness-specific plans which cover specific illnesses, hospital cash plans which pay a fixed sum on hospitalization, senior citizen plans for older individuals and critical illness plans which cover specified list of illnesses. While a normal health insurance plan provides the required coverage, other plans are designed to cater to specific requirements. Take the instance of critical illness plans. Do you know how they work?

  • Buying a senior citizen health insurance policy? Look out for these points


    A senior citizen policy has come like a blessing for senior citizens who were deprived of health insurance coverage due to their age. Most health insurance plans limit the entry age to 65 years or 70 years. If you have not invested in a health insurance plan till that age, you cannot buy a fresh plan. Senior citizen health insurance plans, however, have changed this. These plans are designed for senior citizens who are above 60 years of age. These plans, thus, allow health insurance coverage for older individuals who are, usually, denied coverage under normal health insurance plans.

    While these plans are designed for senior citizens and have various benefits, there are some points which you should check when buying senior citizens health insurance plans. Do you know what these points are? Let's find out:

  • Why does a Business traveler need Travel insurance


    Business activities often involve travelling and that too to international locations. But what if the trip goes wrong due to unavoidable circumstances? Your business not only suffers a financial setback, your business trip is also affected hampering the profitability of your business. A medical emergency, personal liability against injuries to a third party, loss of baggage, etc. are some common threats associated with a business travel. A business travel insurance plan helps a business traveler meet with these threats and more.

    A business travel insurance policy is a great help in protecting a business travel against unforeseen emergencies. The plan allows the necessary coverage features and is also cheap. Do you know the coverage features available in a business travel plans? Let’s find out:

  • How to select Sum Insured for your Travel insurance?


    Taking a trip is a wonderful experience but what if your experience is marred by unfortunate incidents? Careful as you might be, there are contingencies beyond your control which you might face when you travel. A travel insurance plan comes to your rescue in dealing with these unfortunate events. The plan provides financial assistance to deal with contingencies faced when you travel. That is why, a travel insurance plan is important whenever you travel, whether for business or for leisure.

    When it comes to a travel insurance plan, it is always advised to choose the correct Sum Insured for the plan. Travel insurance plans offer Sum Insured ranging from $50, 000 to $500, 000. It, therefore, depends on you to choose the correct coverage amount. Do you know how?

  • How does travel insurance vary according to your destination?


    Every travel destination holds something different for you. Some promises you lush greenery and a cool weather while some beckons you with its glistening beaches. Some destinations have a historical importance and others are known for their fast and pulsating life. Romance, adventure, relaxation, fun or frolic, whatever is the reason of your travel, the world offers you a perfect destination suited to your mood. But, does your travel insurance plan vary according to the destination?

    No, a travel insurance plan is similar for all destinations. The coverage features are same whether you are visiting an Asian country or flying to USA. Here are some basic coverage features which are common in all travel insurance plans:

  • Group Travel insurance for Organizations


    You must have heard about group mediclaim polices or group personal accident policies which employers usually take for covering their employees. But, have you ever heard about group travel insurance policies?

    Yes, a group travel insurance plan is a less known insurance plan which employers take for their travelling employees. These plans provide all the basic coverage features which a regular travel insurance plan provides and covers international travel. There are two distinct types of group travel insurance policies available in the market. Let us understand these variants in details before we discuss the coverage features.

  • Difference between health insurance plans offered by life insurance companies and health insurance companies


    The health insurance market has become competitive. Individuals are realizing the importance of having a health insurance plan as medical costs are rising on a regular basis. As such, insurance companies are joining the bandwagon and offering a health insurance plan. While earlier general insurance companies were offering health insurance plans, nowadays, there are various life insurance companies too which have joined the fray and are offering health insurance plans to individuals. Are the plans offered by health insurance companies and life insurance companies similar?

    They are not. Though life insurance companies do offer health insurance policies, there are various differences in the policies offered by life insurers compared to those offered by general insurers. Do you know about the differences? Let’s find out:

  • A Complete Guide to Family Travel Insurance


    Travelling with your family is always a relaxing experience. But, travelling to a foreign land involves going in unchartered territories. If you face a medical emergency, an accidental contingency or any financial hiccups you need assistance. But who would extend assistance in a place where you don’t know anybody? A family travel insurance plan comes in handy as it provides assistance in case of medical and financial emergency.

    Do you know what a family travel insurance plan is and how it helps? If you don’t, don’t worry, here is a complete guide to family travel insurance. However, if you do, refresh your knowledge!

  • Why company sponsored group health insurance plan i s not enough


    An employed individual, besides earning a stable salary every month, also gets various other employment related benefits. Gratuity, pension benefits, fringe benefits, leave encashment, etc. are all entitlements which an employee is entitled to. Moreover, employers also provide their employees coverage under a group health insurance plan. Not only employees, their immediate families are also extended coverage under the group health plan. Premiums are often paid by employers and employees enjoy free coverage. Due to this cover, many individuals feel that they do not need a separate health insurance plan for themselves. Is the sentiment correct?

    Well, if you are also wondering if your group health cover is enough and you do not need a separate plan, ask yourself these questions first -

  • What is the need for a D&O Insurance?


    Directors and Officers of any entity perpetually walk a tight rope, as they are always under pressure to make difficult and complex decisions, often based on very limited information. Even with the best qualifications, experience and acumen, managers can make mistakes and can be held personally legally liable for them. Since the 2008 global financial crisis, governments have sought to hold Directors and Officers personally liable for the actions (or inactions) of the companies they manage. Depending on the local laws, Directors and Officers can suffer huge financial setback, including loss of personal assets.

    Claims against Directors and Officers can be brought by several entities. These include


  • Claim Settlement Process of Multiple Family Floater Health Insurance Policies


    We humans always find pleasure in quantities, our mantra being ‘more the merrier’. Who is satisfied with only one of anything? Even in case of health insurance plans we tend to hold more than one policy to ensure a comprehensive coverage. With the medical costs touching the roof, holding multiple plans is even recommended by experts. So, yes, when you talk about a family floater health plan too, you can have more than one insurance plan in place to cover your family’s health insurance needs.

    Multiple floater plans are beneficial because there is a lower chance of exhausting your Sum Assured if there is another policy at your disposal. Given the rising healthcare costs and level of under-insurance in health covers, it would be advisable to go for additional protection plan.

  • What factors or parameters one should consider before buying health insurance?


    Health insurance buying process is quite confusing with the various options available in the market. Below are the factors to be considered to ease the process:

    Claim management process: Efficiency of claim process is the key factor to be considered. Higher claim settlement ratio and speedy settlement process shows how efficiently insurer is managing the claims.

    Network Hospitals: Check the list of network hospitals to ensure best hospitals with advanced technology for treatment are included. Cashless facility with wider network is a vital factor that will give you a peace of mind.

  • What is the need for a Commercial General Liability Insurance?


    Business environment and associated risk landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Businesses now face not only new type of risks (example: advertising risks) but also from new sources (example: internet or social media). Combined with increased awareness, there are much higher chances of a business being sued by third parties for property damage, injury or death, arising from the business’ day to day operations.

    Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance has come to be the first line of defence against expenses liabilities and expenses lawsuits.While the ISO form is widely used, there are several similar products also available in the market.

  • What is Fire Loss of Profit Insurance Policy


    A major accident at a business premises cannot only destroy the assets but also bring the business to a standstill, leading to loss of gross profit.Depending on the size and nature of business, it can be severalmonths before the business can get back on track. This is usually a period of great financial stress for businesses, as fixed expensessuch as rent, remuneration of employees, etc.continue to accrue regardless of the extent of damage and production loss.

    Consequential losses to the insured business are specifically excluded under a standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance policy that covers only physical damage to the assets. This is where a Loss of Profit Insurance policy is useful, as it covers the loss of Gross Profit of a business arising from an insured loss under its Fire policy.

  • What is Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy and Its Benefits for Employees


    Employees are the most important assets for an organisation. As an employer, your priority would be to ensure their well-being for financial and practical reasons.

    Group Health Insurance covers the employees against expenses due to illnesses or accidental injury. The employees may belong to organizations with number of employees more than 20 like banking institutions, multi-nationals orSMEs including both financial and non-financial institutions.

    The size of the group can be either small or large as per the requirement.The members can also be covered under different sub-groups with varying sum insured. The conditions for such classification of employees into sub-groups will be decided by the employer or group administrator based on their position or risk category.

  • Bike Insurance Add-On Covers Must to have When Buying Insurance


    Are you fond of pizza? Then you must have added toppings of your choice to make your pizza more delicious, haven't you? Your motor insurance policy, though compulsory, also comes with various facets which take your car or bike insurance to another level. The plan provides various additional covers which, when added, increase the scope of coverage available under the plan. These additional cover options require an additional premium payment and are voluntary.

    There are various types of add-on covers which are offered with a car or a bike insurance policy. As such, you are spoilt for choice. But, given the additional premium involved, you must be careful about the add-on covers which you choose. Choose only those covers which are extremely important. Do you know which covers are important? Here is a list to help you find out :