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My insurance policy is expired

How to Renew Expired Motor Insurance Policy Online?


Driving without a valid motor insurance policy is as serious an offence as driving without a valid driving license. That is why, having a continued insurance cover on your vehicle is essential. In case of cars, the car insurance policy is issued for one year after which it should be renewed. However, in case of bikes, the two-wheeler insurance policy is, nowadays, issued for 1-3 years. Even in case of a long-term policy, the policy comes up for renewal after the stipulated tenure is over. Do you know how the policy can be renewed?

Renewal of motor insurance policy

There are two instances of renewing your motor insurance policy. One is renewal of a policy which is nearing the expiry date and the other is renewal of a policy which has already expired. In the former case when your policy has not expired, you can easily renew it online. You can visit any online platform (insurance aggregators, online brokers or websites of insurance companies) and get your policy renewed by filling in your vehicle details and paying the premium online. However, if your policy has expired, renewing it has some conditions involved.

Renewal of a lapsed insurance policy

After your policy is past its expiration date, renewing it involves inspection of your vehicle. Before your policy is renewed, you have to approach an insurance company for renewal. The insurance company would then arrange for an inspection of your vehicle. A surveyor of the insurance company would come and inspect your vehicle and submit his inspection report. After the insurance company scrutinizes the report, the policyholder would be allowed to renew his policy. The renewal can then be done online by paying the required premium through digital modes.

Points to remember

 If your policy has expired and you do not renew it within 90 days of such expiry, you would lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount which you had earned in your existing policy.

 On renewal of a lapsed policy, the Insured Declared Value of your vehicle might be reduced substantially based on the surveyor's inspection.

 Though online renewals are allowed for expired policies, such renewals are done only after inspection is done of the vehicle to be insured.

 Inspection is applicable only in case of comprehensive motor insurance policies. If you want a third party policy online renewals can be done without inspection even if your policy has expired.

 There are some insurers who do not insist on inspections in case of two-wheeler renewals after the expiry of the policy. They simply let you renew your expired two-wheeler insurance policy after providing some details and giving a declaration.

Since a valid insurance cover is mandatory on all vehicles, get your policy renewed before its expiry so that you don’t have to undergo the inspection of your vehicle. However, if your policy has expired, online renewals can be done but only after inspection of the vehicle. Get your policy renewed immediately to avoid violations of the law and also for safeguarding your NCB discounts.