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What Travel Insurance Does not Cover?

Travel insurance is a part of general insurance. That allows you to travel to the different corners of the world in a safe and secured manner. The plan covers your trip and keeps you protected against many unfortunate incidents that can happen while travelling. It is vital for you to go through the exclusions and then choose a travel insurance plan accordingly.

Now let us glance over the common travel insurance exclusions

Pre-existing illnesses

If you have certain pre-existing health issues such as hypertension, diabetes or cancer, you cannot seek any medical help against your travel insurance plan. If you fall sick due to any of these conditions, you will have to bear those expenses on your own while you travel.

Acts of terror or war

Any damage, cancellation or injury stemming out a war or terrorism won't be covered under a travel insurance plan. If you are travelling to place that’s under attack, you will have to be cautious and take every precaution to stay safe as in the case of an emergency, your travel insurance provider won't be able to help you.

Sports injuries

If you get injured while taking part in an adventurous sport or a hazardous activity, you cannot make a claim on your travel insurance plan.

Maternity costs

Any expenses related to pregnancy and child birth is not covered under a standard travel insurance plan. However, some insurance providers offer this cover at as an add-on cover that you can get at an added cost.

Leave Your Belongings Unattended

Most policies will not cover yourbelongings and valuables, if you leave them unattended or in an unsecure location or with someone you don’t know.

Travel Against Government Advice

Travel Insurance provider will not cover you, If you decide to travel to a specific region despite advice or warnings from the government.


A travel insurance plan is highly beneficial. So it necessary to understand the exclusions properly and choose a best cover that’s suited for you. The best plan will provide you a lot of mental peace and you can enjoy the trip hassle free.

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Choose wisely!

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