List of Important Two Wheeler or Bike Spare Parts Name and Their Maintenance Tips


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Updated on Jan 12, 2024

Two-wheelers are among the most bought vehicle types in India. They are affordable as well as a convenient mode of commuting; thus, you will find the majority of people buying two-wheelers. As a matter of fact, people who have a four-wheeler sometimes prefer having a two-wheeler as a backup. A two-wheeler is the best vehicle to cover short distances and also the petrol prices for this type of vehicle will not make a hole in your pocket.

Bike or Scooty Parts Names

If you are a bike enthusiast, who loves riding his/her two-wheeler, then you must know the names of all the two wheeler parts. This will help you to know your bike closely and in case you need to change any two-wheeler parts, there is no chance anyone can cheat you. So, let us discuss the bike spare parts name list so that you can have better knowledge about two-wheelers.

1. Engine

The engine is the heart of a scooter or a bike. The engine is the part of a two-wheeler that makes or mars its performance. The fuel combustion happens in an engine and only after that, do the other parts of the bike or scooter start working as well as moving. The engine is located on the front of the bike, while on the rear side of the scooter.

Regular inspection, as well as servicing, is important for the longevity of the engine. Therefore, the two-wheelers should be taken for servicing every six months so that the efficiency of the engine does not drop. An Engine Protect Cover should be added to the two wheeler insurance policy, as it will provide coverage for repair costs for the regular wear and tear of the engine of the bike.

2. Brakes

Another important component of any two-wheeler is the brakes. Used for decreasing the speed of the bikes, there are two types of brakes basically, drum brakes and disc brakes. The brakes should be applied while halting the moving bike.

As we talk about motorcycles, the front-tyre brake is placed on the right-hand side of the handlebar, while the rear-tyre brake is placed like a lever that you can press with your right leg. In scooters or mopeds, both brakes are placed on the handlebar.

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3. Tyres

While mentioning the tyres, we must talk about the types of tyres, which include tubeless tyre and tube tyre. To make sure satisfactory grip as well as friction on the road, various thread patterns are designed on the surface of the tyres. Riders need to know that optimum tyre pressure should be maintained all the time. This will help in maintaining the balance of the bike and also boosts the fuel efficiency of the bike. As the thread patterns of the two-wheeler start flattening, they should be changed.

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4. Clutch and Gear

Clutch and gear are two exclusive components of the motorcycle.  The gear is used for controlling motion as well as torque, while the clutch is used for applying brakes and changing the gears at the time of the ride. The gears are like a lever that is pressed by the rider with the left leg. The clutch is placed on the left-hand side of the handlebar. You need to ensure getting the gears and clutch of the motorcycle serviced on regular basis. Make sure the clutch is adjusted to enable the finest level of free play. If the clutch is over-tightened, it can cause difficulty in riding and also reduce the fuel efficiency of the two-wheeler.

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5. Accelerator

An accelerator is yet another significant part of a bike or a scooter. You can throttle it on the right-hand side of the handlebar. This part helps in increasing the speed of the bike or scooter while you ride it.

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6. Exhaust Pipe

It is can be called a funnel that diverts the high-pressure exhaust gas and releases it into the atmosphere. It is also called a silencer or even a front pipe in our country. The exhaust pipe in a two-wheeler is made of mild steel which is usually coated with grades of stainless steel, or sometimes it is not even coated with anything. If the exhaust pipe is choked, you better not ride it since it can be very dangerous. This causes harmful gases that accumulate within the gas chamber and even may lead to a blast. Thus, the exhaust pipe of a bike should be properly cleaned and you need to make sure that there is no rusting on the surface.

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7. Fuel Tank

We can understand what it is by its name, right? Yes, it is for storing fuel. The capacity of the fuel tank is not always the same and varies from one vehicle to the other. The range may vary from 5 litres to 15 litres in a two-wheeler.  On the top of the fuel tank, you will find a tank which suffuses the petrol in it. And the fuel tank is placed just above the engine in most cases. You must clean the fuel tank regularly so that rust does not form in it. If rust formation starts, it can react with the petrol, which can become a dangerous combination. To clean the fuel tank of your bike, you can mix vinegar with baking soda and apply it to the surface of the tank. This will help you clean the tank smoothly.

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8. Headlamp and Tail-lamp

Headlamp and tail-lamp in a bike or a scooter are the lights that help the rider and others who are riding or driving their vehicles on the road.

You can find more information about these two-wheeler spare parts online as well. You also must get a comprehensive two-wheeler motor insurance plan if you are looking forward to buying a two-wheeler anytime soon. This will help you keep your two-wheeler financially secured at the time of any kind of adversity.

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