What Is Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) in Bikes – How It Works and Why it is Important


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What is ABS in motorcycles?

Whether you have to deal with daily traffic or need to cover a specific distance on a regular basis, a bike is the best choice you can have. Especially if we are talking about Indian roads, bikes can be ridden on any road. Also, it takes less time as compared to the other modes of transport on roads.

Nevertheless, riding a bike is not as easy as it looks. Many people die in India everyday due to reckless driving causing accidents. And especially stopping the bike as compared to a car is much tougher. Stopping the bike without any preparation can result in a fatal accident. To avoid one such situation, you can opt for technology like Anti-lock Braking System(ABS). ABS means an anti-lock braking system. It stops the wheels from locking up while applying brakes; thus, maintaining tractive contact with the road surface. You can get an ABS for your two-wheeler and lessen the chances of one such crash by at least 31%.

How does ABS work?

Anti-lock Braking System, as its name indicates, comes with a braking system that consists of three parts such as brakes, an ECU kit, and Wheel Speed Sensors. ABS is mostly installed on the rear wheel. The sensor is connected to the Electronic Control Unit, which enables the wheel to roll for a certain distance and lock as in when required. This is how ABS functions in bikes. This is a unique technology that helps bike enthusiasts ride under tough condition. This technology also has disc brakes but you will not be able to install it with drum brakes. Some of the bikes that come with in-built ABS are Bajaj Pulsar 220 and KTM Duke 250.

What is the importance of ABS system in bikes?

There was a time when ABS would be installed only in bigger vehicles such as cars and buses. However, manufacturers conducted a study and found that bikes also meet with accidents often and necessary steps should be taken for them as well. This is when they started implementing ABS in bikes too to ensure safety on roads. The technology is a bit expensive but has been well accepted in the market and is working efficiently so far.

According to the Regional Transport Office (RTO), the bike manufacturers must install ABS for bikes that fall under the 150cc category. You need to know the fact that you would be required to pay some extra money for a bike that has ABS.

What are the benefits of ABS in bikes?

One of the main advantages of having Anti-lock Braking System in your bike is that it will prevent the vehicle from skidding or falling. Some people are very passionate about biking and stunts. The times when they perform stunts like stoppie that is when ABS does its job. Nevertheless, we all should know that this is not something for the dirt bikers as they drift on circuits. Mentioned below are some more advantages of ABS.

1. Decrease in Stopping Distance

If you use ABS properly, it will lessen the stopping distance. A bike with an initial speed of 80 km/hour without ABS will run for 30 m after you apply the brakes. The same bike with ABS will stop 3 m shorter. This happens because of the ABS the tyres are in constant traction. Therefore, a bike in which ABS is fitted comes with more effective scrubbing off of speed.  On the other hand, a bike that does not have ABS can get locked and even lose traction once you apply hard braking. This further results in skidding of the bike since the tyres tend to have a grip on the surface. This is why it is advised to get ABSsince it can make your ride less dangerous and stress-free.

2. Better Control

Being a biker you must be aware of the need of having the control to enjoy a steady ride. By installing ABS in the bike, you will have better control over your ride in a situation of emergency braking. With fitting ABS, you will have more chances of stopping the bike in a straight line and controlling the speed on your own. ABS is more helpful during tough weather conditions as it will help you to avoid a crash.

3. Prevent Stoppie

Whether you are in love with bike stunts or you need to ride a bike on regular basis, you would not want your bike to have stoppie without your wish.  There are chances for this to happen when you have not installed ABS in your bike. While a bike that is fitted with ABS will offer much more traction in the bike even in bad weather and on slippery roads. The braking will be much more linear.

To conclude, we can say that when you choose a new bike, you must go for the one with ABS. This technology will help you to stay safe while riding your bike on the road. Also, make sure you get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. This will help you with financial support if your bike meets with an accident.

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May 12, 2022
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