Does a Car Insurance Policy Cover Car Suspensions?


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Car Suspensions Car Insurance Policy 

A suspension in a car supports the vehicle by maximizing the friction between the car wheels and surface of the road.  Do you know if your car insurance policy covers suspensions? Let’s discuss!

Suspension is an important part of a vehicle as it supports in maximizing friction caused between the wheels and surface of the road.  The primary function of the suspension is to keep the vehicle stable on the road and make travel comfortable. Let us discuss more about suspension and if it is included under your car insurance policy.
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Car Suspension

The Suspension of a car works with the help of a set of things which connects the vehicle and its wheels and allows simple and balanced movement between them. The various parts that work in the smooth functioning of the suspension include tyres, shock absorbers, springs, linkages and tyre air. All these parts make it smooth for the wheel and the car to connect and provide smooth movement.

Thus, suspension is a car part that resists the unwanted power faced by the person driving the car on bumps and potholes on the road.

The suspension makes the wheels stay in touch with the road surface and protect the tyre and tubes of your car from regular damage.  In terms of design, the front and back suspensions of vehicles might differ.

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5 Things That Damage the Suspension of a Car

It is careless driving that can lead to damaging the suspension of a car in many cases. Below are some basic things that can ruin a car suspension:

  1. Slamming the brakes hard –  Unless unavoidable, never slam your car brake hard. It not only locks the tyre brakes but also uses the ABS or Anti-Lock braking system of your car, which over time damages the car suspension.
  2. Driving at high speed on speed bumps – Speed bumps are another factor that damages the car suspension. If you drive fast over the speed bumps, it could damage the car suspension immediately. Thus, it is better to slow down on speed bumps.
  3. Loading the vehicle with more weight than the set limit – Never try to burden the car with extra load than it can handle. This is because the car suspension is designed in a way to handle a particular weight and if you add weight beyond that limit, it will create unnecessary load on the suspension and damage it over time.
  4. Not getting proper servicing done on the suspension – Like other parts of your car, the suspension also needs regular servicing.  Thus, it is important to send your car for regular servicing. Or you might be paying thousands of rupees on your car repairs.
  5. Getting into frequent reckless driving for fun and adventure – Reckless driving off-road can also damage your car suspension.  Most car suspensions are built in a way to handle stress on a particular kind of landscape and if you take your car on rough terrains frequently, it might destroy your car suspension.

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Does Car Insurance cover Suspension damage?

Most comprehensive car insurances cover the tyres and tubes of your car if they get damaged in an accident. However, in this case 50% of replacement cost has to be paid by the insured. And in case the insured wants to have full coverage of the claim, they must buy a zero depreciation add on cover.

However, the minor tyre damages and puncture etc. are not covered under comprehensive plans. So, if you buy the tyre protection add-on with your comprehensive car insurance plan, you can ensure to get compensation for the cost of replacement, repairs, labour charges etc., related to tyre damages.

Since car suspension parts mostly consist of tyres and tubes, comprehensive car insurance with few add-ons might be helpful in covering the suspension costs. Moreover, looking at the Indian roads, it becomes all the more important to have an all-inclusive car insurance online policy. This helps the insured in avoiding the expensive car suspension repair costs in India and damages of tyres and tubes.

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To Conclude

A comprehensive car insurance policy is not mandatory like a third party car insurance, but they allow different kinds of benefits. They also allow you to buy various add-ons by paying some extra amount. These add-ons can help you in recovering the expenses of tyre and tube damages. So, make wise decisions while buying a car insurance as well as compare and choose the best insurer before buying the policy.

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