How Survey is Important Before Repairing Accidental Car?


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Why do insurers arrange for survey?

Though you might feel that buying a four wheeler insurance policy year on year is a burden on your finances, the policy’s value is felt when a claim happens. Though you might boast of being the safest driver, accidents are common and, in some cases, unavoidable. In case of an accident, your car is not spared the brunt of damages and if your car faces any damage, a repair is inevitable. Needless to say, repairs incur expenses, expenses which are substantial and burn a hole in your pockets. A car insurance policy comes to your rescue in these situations. It pays for the damages suffered by your car if you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance policy. But, making a car insurance claim for accidental damage might be a difficult affair if you are not conversant with the rules.

Insurers have a protocol when it comes to claim settlement of car insurance policies. The first step in this protocol entails informing the insurer immediately after an accident has occurred. Insurers provide a helpline number to customers. This number is to be contacted in case of a car insurance claim for accidental damage. After informing the insurance company, a car insurance survey is arranged before your vehicle is repaired. But, is the survey necessary?

Of course, it is. After an accident, the company sends a car insurance surveyor to assess the extent of damages. This survey is important because:

  • It helps the insurance company to estimate the amount of claim payable. The car accident surveyor assesses the damages and prepares a report stating the estimated cost of repairs.
  • The survey helps the insurance company to eliminate the chances of a inadmissible damages. The surveyor finds out the cause of accident and reports it to the insurance company. The company then tallies the surveyor’s report with the customer’s account of the accident to detect any discrepancies in the claim.
  • A car insurance policy excludes any claim payable for the general wear and tear of the car and its parts. The survey is aimed to find expenses pertaining to such wear and tear. In case of an accident, the insurance company pays the cost of repairs after deducting the cost of the general wear and tear of the car as reported by the surveyor.

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Importance of the survey for different types of vehicles:

Private cars and two wheelers: In case of private cars and two-wheelers, there are two choices. After you contact the insurance company, the company asks whether your car has minor damages or major ones. In case of minor damages, when your car or two-wheeler can be driven or towed to the nearest garage, the insurance company instructs you to take the vehicle to the garage. The surveyor then visits the garage, surveys the vehicle and then the repair work begins. However, in case of a major damage when your car cannot be driven arrangement for towing the vehicle to the garage will be made.

You may choose repairs at the Insurer’s preferred garage or you regular repairer. In the case of opted Add-on’s the preferred garage is the only choice.

Commercial vehicles: For commercial vehicles, spot survey in motor insurance is compulsory. The vehicle cannot be moved to any location without a survey is conducted first. This mandate for a spot survey is to eliminate any chances of inappropriate or aggravated losses which are high in case of commercial vehicles.

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How to make a proper claim: Since a survey is important, it is the next important step in making a car insurance claim after the insurance company is intimated. Here are the steps of making a correct car insurance claim for accidental damage:

  1. The first step is to inform the insurance company. If you suffer an accident and are planning to raise a claim, you should, first and foremost, call the insurance company’s claim helpline number and inform the company of the accident and the subsequent claim.
  2. The next step is survey of the damaged vehicle by the insurance company’s surveyor. In case of private cars and two-wheelers, survey may be done at the accident spot but definitely at the garage. However, in case of commercial vehicles, spot survey is essential.
  3. If you have opted for preferred garage, all you need to do is ensure the vehicle is sent to the garage and vehicle documents-RC & driving License- claim form are provided. All other processes will be taken care by the garage. When the work is complete you will be informed to come and take delivery of the vehicle; after paying for inadmissible expenses.
  4. After the survey is done, repairs begin on the damaged vehicle.
  5. The repairs are completed and the bills are submitted to the insurer for claim settlement.

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If you follow these steps properly, your car insurance claim would be easily settled. A survey of the damaged vehicle is important. So, don’t forget to inform the insurance company of any accident as soon as it happens so that the company can arrange for the survey. So, get your damaged vehicle surveyed and get your claims settled quickly and easily.

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Mar 17, 2021
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