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When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, you have a plethora of choices that are easily available. In this post, we are discussing some such plans which cover your dental health insurance.

The market is full of numerous health insurance plans to choose from. However, the availability of different plans add up to the confusion while looking for the most suitable health insurance policies. The range of features available at competitive prices further enhances the complexity in terms of the choice. Thus, most people look for peers and experts to get better understanding and technical knowhow of the policies, especially their features. This way, they can make sure to invest their money in the most suitable insurance policies to suit the needs of their family.

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All health insurance policies generally come loaded with several appealing features. However, as a novice it is important for us to have the essential knowledge about such features, particularly about the exclusions. Exclusions are the features that are not included under the plan or for which you do not get coverage under your health insurance plan. Dental treatment is one such exclusion that is usually not available in most health insurance policies.

There are very few best health insurance plans that allow coverage against dental treatment.  So, for people looking for dental coverage in health insurance can seek the same with the available plans, which are limited in number. We are discussing below some of the best health insurance plans offering dental health insurance.

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Insurance Policies with Features offering dental treatment cover in Health Insurance in India

1. Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Plan

This is an all- inclusive health insurance plan that provides coverage against the expenses incurred on dental treatment along with other coverage.


Variants The plan is available in three variants, namely – Standard plan, Exclusive plan and Premium plan.

Standard variant – ranges from INR 2 lakh to INR 5 lakhs.

Exclusive variant – ranges from INR 7.5 lakh to INR 50 lakh.

Premium variant – ranges from INR 4 lakh to INR 50 lakh.

Age limits For Children –  3 months and above (provided one of the parents is already covered under the annuity).

For Individual Plans (Adults):

Minimum entry age – 18 years

Maximum entry age – 65 years (Includes all variants with renewability for life)

Coverage Offer coverage for:

In-patient hospitalization

Ambulance charges (INR 2000)

Pre, post hospitalization

Day care treatment

Domiciliary costs

Charges for organ donation

AYUSH treatment

Cash benefit of daily on the basis of shared accommodation

Newborn coverage

Maternity coverage

Free health check-up (up to 1% of SI after 3-4 years as per plan variant)

Dental cover OPD or outpatient coverage for dental coverage is allowed only after the completion of 3 years waiting period.

The coverage is offered under Premium Plan only

Up to 1% of the Sum Assured can be availed as a coverage amount up to a maximum of Rs.5000 if a

For INR 4 – 10 lakh Sum Assured, you can avail over 1% of SI as a coverage amount or to a maximum of INR 5000.

For INR 15 – 50 lakhs sum insured, the utmost limit goes up to INR 7500

Dental coverage exclusions   There are certain exclusions for dental coverage, which is offered only after 3 years of continuing the policy:

These exclusions are totally excluded from the insurance plan even after the completion of the waiting period.

They include: cosmetic operation, dental implants, orthognathic surgery, dentures, orthodontics, jaw alignment, dental prosthetics, surgery of jaw bone and so on.

2. Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan

This plan also offers coverage for dental insurance for treatments if they are caused because of an accident. 


Variants The Bharti AXA plan comes in two variants namely, the Basic plan and the Optimum plan

Basic variant – offers coverage for INR 2 lakh

Optimum variant – offers coverage for two options of INR 3 lakh and INR 5 lakh.

Age limits For Children –  3 months and beyond (provided parent/parents already covered by the plan).

Individual Plans (Adults):

Minimum entry age – 18 years

Maximum entry age – 65 years (both variants with renewability for life)

Coverage Offered Offer coverage for:

In-patient hospitalization

Ambulance charges (INR 2500)

Pre, post hospitalization

Day care procedure

Physiotherapy costs for in-patient

Treatment of out-patient in case of accidents

Domiciliary treatments

Organ transplant charges

Free health check up after every 4 years

The above coverage is offered under optimum variant.

Ambulance charges of INR 1500 available with basic plan.

Dental coverage The plan offers dental health insurance if it is caused due to accidents under Optimum plan of up to INR 3000 with INR 3 lakh SI. INR 5000 coverage is available if the SI is INR 5 lakhs


Exclusions for dental coverage The plan covers dental treatment only if it is necessary after an accident (that damages gums and teeth of policyholders).

If a treatment has not arisen by accidents, they are entirely excluded from such policies.

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To Sum Up

Since there are very few plans available for Dental Insurance in India, it makes it difficult for people who are looking for dental coverage under their health insurance plans.  Since dental insurance plans are not sought by many people, the options are restricted to a few and not many insurers are offering such plans.  So, if you want to avail dental treatment coverage, choose a plan that allows enough coverage with less exclusions.

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