8 Minor Lifestyle Adjustments that can Help Reduce Diabetes


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Ram is suffering from diabetes related problems, and he wants to improve his health. While researching the best ways, he learned about various treatments available for diabetes in hospitals. However, he couldn’t find any substantial evidence articulating that diabetes is curable because it involves several things. So, after trying several things, he found out the one that worked well in diabetes management.

Cure for Diabetes is it really possible?

Diabetes can impact a person in several ways affecting both physical health and mental well-being.  Someone suffering from it often tries to find miracle ways to get rid of this ailment. Resorting to google search for it he/she might try to find answers to queries For example, how to cure diabetes in 30 days? However in truth such a miracle cure does not exist because the medical field has not yet designed a treatment for the same, and people shouldn’t fall prey to it. However, the good news is that the condition is reversible when one can make a few adjustments to his/her lifestyle and diet. There are feasible methods to live a healthy life and manage one’s symptoms well to find relief from diabetes.

Know more about Diabetes

Diabetes refers to high blood glucose levels that will result in health risks. It can affect eye nerves, kidneys, heart, and other parts of the body. Hence, one should consider regulating his/her blood glucose to prevent unwanted complications considerably. Diabetes involves Type 1 and Type 2 that can lead to potential hazards which will affect the quality of life.

Type 1 diabetes is mainly caused by genes, environmental factors, lifestyle, obesity, and lack of physical exercise. Insulin resistance and genes are the main reasons for type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes primarily occurs in women when they are pregnant. Type 3 diabetes is a disorder that occurs in the brain due to insulin resistance that can result in several issues. The symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, numbness, blurred vision, slow-healing of sores, dry mouth, frequent unexplained infections, unexpected weight loss, etc.

8 Minor lifestyle adjustments that can help reduce diabetes

1. Eating foods with low GI

Diabetics should avoid taking beverages and foods that have a high glycaemic index (GI). Instead, it is wise to choose low GI foods after consulting with a health expert or dietician, to be able to keep the sugar level under check.

2. Exercises 

Exercises play an important role in reducing high glucose levels. It also boosts the bodies sensitivity to insulin. One can do some simple activities like jogging, walking, running, and cycling, which can lower blood glucose levels.

3. Consuming healthy foods 

Diet plays a pivotal role in managing diabetes. Consuming healthy foods will help a lot to control the diabetes condition as they have a direct impact on blood glucose. Being aware of the ingredients of the food item one consumes is helpful especially when one knows which nutrients to have and which ones to avoid.

4. Managing stress

Stress can induce high blood glucose levels, and those who suffer from diabetes are advised to avoid stress. A healthy lifestyle also means a healthy mind. One can practise breathing exercises and yoga for this purpose. Meditation also helps immensely in managing stress.

5. Replacing processed foods and refined grains

Processed foods can lead to high blood glucose levels that cause diabetes. Therefore, they need to be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables. Refrained grains also increase diabetes, thus opting for whole grains is also beneficial.

6. Avoiding smoking and alcohol 

Smoking and alcohol consumption have been known to make one susceptible to various ailments including diabetes. Hence, one should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption to control the symptoms.

7. Reducing the intake of fried foods

Fried foods can induce high glucose levels, it is always better to avoid fried and junk food. Choosing a healthy diet plan for diabetes after working with a dietician is wise. Apart from that, one can focus more on his/her health goals.

8. Cutting down carbonated beverages 

Carbonated beverages such as fruit juices have high levels of sweeteners that can increase diabetes problems. Therefore, one should avoid taking them and instead opt for freshly squeezed juice.

How to cure diabetes?

Anyone who wants to know more about how to cure diabetes can follow some home remedies which have proved to be beneficial. If one follows them in consultation with medical practitioners it helps reduce the symptoms of diabetes, helping one lead a more active lifestyle.

Does health insurance offer coverage for diabetes?

As the number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day, many insurance firms offer health insurance plans for diabetes. However, it is important to check that diabetes comes under a pre-existing category before buying a plan. Buying a health insurance policy makes feasible methods to claim amounts for diagnostic tests and other treatments.

Policy buyers should evaluate all aspects before purchasing a policy. Buying the right type of health insurance plan allows a person to undergo health check-ups in listed hospitals to help manage diabetes with ease.

The bottom line

Diabetes can cause several complications in life when it is not handled properly. Is it possible to cure diabetes? There is no proper treatment available for this condition, and one can lower the same by making some adjustments in lifestyle. Diabetes can be hard on one’s self and the finances too. The only way to safeguard ourselves is by investing in a good insurance policy. PayBima, with its detailed guides and very helpful team of representatives, allows customers to buy an insurance plan that offers coverage for diabetes and other health disorders. It offers a means to compare the premium prices of health insurance plans offered by various companies in one place that will help make an informed decision. Also, a person can even buy a plan with high discounts that will minimize expenses.

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Mar 02, 2022
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