Diet Plan, Diet Chart & Tips for Weight Loss: A Detailed Guide


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Looking for the best diet plans for some weight loss? Here are some simple tips about eating right that we are sharing in this post to make you shed those extra kilos you have gained. Read on!

Eating right is the first step towards staying fit and shedding extra weight.  However, looking at the diverse and huge fare we have in India, it might sound impossible. Especially with our high carbohydrate meals and the inclusion of too much sugar in our daily diet. Also, there are the snacks, sweets and street foods that we love to indulge in. To add to that, most people are not active in terms of exercise and physical activity. And hence, people in India deal with the issue of obesity.

However, by a little modification in food preference and including some basic ingredients available in your kitchen, you can make a huge change in your diet. It is easy but require understanding the logic behind losing weight. So, let’s understand the reason behind weight loss.

What is the skill behind weight loss?

The science of losing or gaining weight depends on your calorie consumption. You will gain weight if you eat more calories as compared to what you burn. Similarly, you will lose weight if the calorie consumption is fewer as compared to what you use. So, by managing your calorie intake and burning the excess calories, you can manage your weight easily. Along with counting the calories, you also have to make sure to eat healthy alternatives as compared to unhealthy food to manage weight.

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The Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

Since our body needs a variety of food to get the required nutrients, it is important for us to have a balanced diet that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals etc.  If you are really interested in the best weight loss diet plans, it must combine the food such as cereals and pulses, fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat,  oils and fats. In addition, you have to be mindful of the portion sizes you consume and the meal times.

Ideal Diet Chart for Weight Loss

So, what does an ideal diet chart for weight loss look like? This will vary from person to person depending on the nutritional requirement of an individual. For instance, the nutritional needs of a male would differ from female nutritional requirements.  Also, it depends on the location you are living in, as in India the diet and food habits change as per location. Here, we are discussing a sample ideal weight loss diet chart. However, it is always recommended to follow a diet chart only after consulting a dietician or nutritionist.

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Sample Diet chart for Weight Loss

Here is a sample diet chart for weight loss that we have prepared for your understanding with alternatives to choose from on a per day basis. You must consult a nutritionist to include the food items that are suitable for you as per your nutritional requirement and any medical condition that you may be facing.

Between 6 – 7 am – 1 glass detox water (cucumber juice or as per choice)

Between 8 – 9 am – breakfast of 1 bowl porridge with milk (preferably skimmed) and nuts / 2 pieces besan chilla with garlic chutney/ 2 pieces idli with sambar/ peas poha/ 1 egg omelette with fruit smoothie/ 2 pieces multigrain toast with yoghurt/ 2 pieces stuffed roti with curd (you can choose what to eat for breakfast from the choices given above)

Around 11 am – 100 grams grilled paneer (preferably of skimmed milk)

Between  1:30 – 2 pm – lunch of 1 chapati, 1 katori dal, 1 katori sabji, 1 katori salad (you can replace the chapati with half katori rice or missi roti etc. on certain days and the available sabji like gajar and matar sabji/ palak/choley/aalo baingan/paneer curry/bhindi etc.)

Around 4 pm – one fruit/ one cup mixed fruits / buttermilk

Between 5:30 – 6 pm – 1 cup tea/coffee with/without milk and no or little sugar

Around 9 pm – dinner of 1 katori salad, 1 katori dal, 1 katori sabji and 1 chapati (you can replace the sabji with the available and seasonal vegetables to bring variation to your diet like lauki/paneer/mixed veg/ lentil curry/ bhindi/aalo matar etc. )

What Should be Included in a Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Carbohydrates  – Carbs are very important for the body as they are the main source of energy. However, eating the right carb is necessary, such as high fiber and nutrient-rich carbs rather than simple carbs. The complex fiber-rich carbs do not digest immediately and hence keep your hunger pangs under control for long. For example, brown rice, oats, millets, ragi, jowar, bajra etc. are some complex carbs.

Proteins – Proteins are also essential to build and repair the muscles, tissues, skin etc. Hence, it is important to include high protein in your diet to support your weight loss program. At least 30 percent of your diet must include proteins such as rajma, choley, lobia, green gram etc. One serving of protein per meal is good.

Fats – Though fat is not considered good for health, it is necessary for everyone to produce hormones, provide energy and store vitamins. Your diet should contain 20 percent healthy fats. You can use a blend of oils such as olive, groundnut, mustard, sunflower, sesame, etc. along with limited portions of butter or ghee to get the fat intake in your body.

Vitamins and Minerals – Besides the above, vitamins and minerals are also equally important for your body including vitamin A, E, B12, D as well as calcium, iron etc. All these support the bones, cell production, muscle function and so on. The sources of these vitamins and minerals are plant based food, fish and meat, nuts, green vegetables, oilseeds, fruits etc. So, it is important to include 100 grams each of fruits and greens in your meal.

Habits to implement balanced diet plan to lose weight and stay healthy

  • Go for 6-7 small meals per day rather than 3 large meals
  • Quit the habit of junk food in between meals
  • Go for healthy snacking additions in your diet
  • Have dinner light and early by 8 pm
  • Drink enough water per day
  • Eat enough fiber (minimum 15 grams each day)

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To Conclude

You don’t have to say no to your regular food that you eat or get into huge changes in terms of your eating habits and your diet. You just need to follow a balanced diet plan to stay fit, get into shape and lose extra weight. Even in the case of diet for weight loss for females, it is important to consider the nutritional requirements as per the bodily needs.

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FAQs: Weight Loss Diet Plan, Diet Chart & Tips: A Detailed Guide

Which Indian food item augments weight loss?

It is difficult to choose a single Indian food item as the best diet plan for fat loss. Most whole foods that are available in their natural form are best for weight loss. These include pulses, nuts, seeds, spices and so on.

Can stomach fat be reduced with exercise?

Yes, regular exercise can help a person to lose stomach fat and in overall weight loss. There are some specific exercises including Aerobics which are known to reduce belly fat. Cardio exercises are also effective in this regard to reduce fat if done in the right way.

Is there any drink that helps burn fat?

No, there is no such specific drink that can be consumed to burn fat overnight. However, certain drinks like jeera water, lemon water, amla juice etc. which can help in boosting metabolism and getting rid of excess fat.

What are the Rules to Lose weight?

There are many good rules to follow for weight loss. Here are some of the important ones;

Always stay hydrated
Improve diet
Look for calorie deficit plan
Have a protein-rich diet
Get into regular workout
Stay active physically
Maintain healthy lifestyle
Get good sleep 

Is the Indian diet healthy?

Indian diets include diverse healthy food items such as cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables and hence they are healthy. Try to limit the consumption of excess meat.

What are the 5 food items one should abstain from eating to lose weight?

Avoid the following food items to maintain good weight;

Processed Food
Junk food
Alcoholic beverages
Sugary drinks and 

Can a vegetarian diet support my weight loss program?

Yes, vegetarian diets can help people in losing weight. Though, vegetarian diets may lack in animal protein but including protein in the form of curd, paneer and lentils can suffice the requirement. These food items are protein rich vegetarian items that support weight loss.

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