What is a Health Insurance Card and Its Importance


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Health Insurance Card and Its Importance – Know in Detail

Your health insurance card is just as important as your standard debit or credit card and it’s a good idea to keep it with you at all times. This post talks all about what a health insurance card is and its importance for its holder, i.e., you.

When you buy a health insurance plan from your insurer, they will issue you a health insurance card. This document is actually quite important because it contains all the vital details pertaining to your health insurance policy purchased. Besides that, the card also indicates the extent of coverage that your health insurance provides. This is why it is important to keep this card safe with you at all times. Learn more about health insurance card and its importance in this blog.

What Exactly is a Health Insurance Card?

As stated above, a health insurance card is provided by your insurance company at the time of buying a health insurance plan. Before we proceed, a quick recap of what is health insurance? It refers to the policy or plan that provides coverage for your medical expenses or healthcare treatment costs.

Now coming back to the health insurance card; it is essentially a proof or validation of the health insurance policy that you purchased from an insurance company. Now let us look at health insurance card and its importance.

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What Does a Health Insurance Card Contain?

All your personal information is detailed in your health insurance card, which comes in handy at the time of admission to the hospital for availing medical treatment. Besides this, your health insurance card would also contain all the important details regarding your health insurance policy, which again the hospital would need at the time of admission formalities. Listed below are the essential details covered in the health insurance card of the policyholder:

  • Name of the cardholder
  • Date of birth of the cardholder
  • Type of health insurance policy
  • Total sum insured under the plan
  • Health insurance policy number
  • Date of expiry of the policy
  • Name of the insurance company

Note: Each policyholder is issued a unique health insurance card. This is why it’s important to keep it safely. Also, make sure to carry the card with you at all times because you might need it anytime in case of availing medical treatment in an emergency. With the health insurance card, you’d be entitled to receive cashless hospitalization at the hospital. The card can also be used to claim reimbursement for the medical care costs from the insurer later.

Importance of Health Card for the Insured

Your health insurance card is a very important document indeed and therefore it is always advisable to keep it safe with you at all times. Here are some of the top benefits of having a health card:

  • Allows you to access cashless hospitalization everywhere: Your health insurance card is your ticket to availing cashless medical treatment anywhere in the country. You might be traveling to a different state and may require medical treatment urgently; with the health card in your wallet, you can easily opt for the cashless hospitalization facility at any of the network hospitals listed with your insurer.
  • Stores all your policy details at one place: Having a health insurance card makes it convenient to keep all your vital health insurance policy details safely at one place. You can immediately access this info anytime, anywhere and avail cashless health treatment in a jiffy. Moreover, since the date of policy expiry is present on the card, it serves as an instant reminder to get your policy renewed to continue enjoying its benefits.
  • Makes it easy to carry around: The advantage of having a health card is that you only need to carry it in your wallet or purse instead of carrying all the policy documents with you at all times, which isn’t convenient. The card has your policy number on it and that’s all you need to comfortably avail treatment at a hospital anywhere, all cashless. Convenient, right?

Health Insurance Card Download

While your health insurance company would normally issue your health card to you manually, along with the other policy documents, you can also choose to download it online. This is a convenient option in case you couldn’t collect it personally for some reason. Here’s how you can download your health insurance e-card:

  1. Log on to your health insurance web portal and click on the tab that says ‘Download E-card’.
  2. Next, enter your policy details in the space provided – your policy number or your claim ID, whichever is applicable.
  3. Duly fill in all the other details as well. Check and confirm them once before hitting the ‘Download button.
  4. Your e-card is now ready to download.

What to Do in Case You Lose Your Health Insurance Card?

As discussed earlier, your health card is a vital policy document, just like all the other policy papers, which contains pertinent information regarding your health insurance plan. It is therefore vital to always keep it safe with you, even when you’re carrying it around. However, chances are that it might get misplaced or lost or damaged due to some reason.

The good news is that you needn’t worry in this case. Just get in touch with the customer service team of your insurer who would guide you what to do next. Besides, you can also order for a replacement of your health insurance card online. Visit your insurer’s website and check for more details on this.

Validity of Health Insurance Card

Your health card holds the exact validity as the term of your health insurance policy. Note that when you choose to renew your policy, your insurer would reissue the card to you as well.

To Conclude

A health insurance card is very important since it contains all the vital policy details at one place. It is just as important as a debit or credit card and should therefore be handled with care. Its utmost convenience in carrying around makes it even more favorable among policyholders. Look up online for some of the best health insurance plans in India and don’t forget to ask your insurer for your health insurance card at the time of purchasing the policy.

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Aug 19, 2022
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