How to Register & Login on the TDS TRACES Website?


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TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System, or TRACES in short, is an online portal offered by the Income Tax Department of India that can be reached at The portal provides a platform for the TDS payers and other stakeholders to see and resolve issues related to TDS payments online.

What is the TDS TRACES website all about? 

The TDS TRACES portal helps the Income Tax dept. to connect every stakeholder involved in the management and execution of TDS or Tax Deducted at Source and TCS or Tax Collected at Source. The portal helps taxpayers file income tax returns and seek income tax refunds with ease. Overall, the TDS Traces portal can be used to download and view key documents like Form 16, Form 16A, and Form 26AS required during filing for income tax.

1. TRACES Website – key uses and objectives 

The TDS TRACES portal helps taxpayers and Tax deductors to function varied tax-related tasks in one platform. In addition, the portal is working with several other objectives, such as: 

  • It helps to see and download Form 26AS
  • It helps to submit requests for review of TDS/TCS statements
  • You can use this portal to know the status of your challan
  • You can also use this online platform to check the status of several other tax statements
  • You can also make an online refund request with the help of this portal
  • TDS deductors may download the Justification Report and Forms 16, 16A along with the consolidated file on this platform
  • The TRACES portal, with its online services, makes it convenient to access and carry out several tax-related tasks. Online technology has surpassed paper-based systems that were used earlier and were too time-consuming and demanding
  • TRACES can also be used to make corrections in your PAN card information as well as challans with ease using the digital rectification technology
  • Even the corrections to TDS returns submitted previously are completed online through this portal
  • Online rectification of OLTAS Challan is also done with the help of this website

2. Key Links on the TRACES Website

Below are some links that can be accessed by logging into the TDS TRACES website:

  • You can access the dashboard that has an account summary of the deductor
  • You can also have access to online registration of TAN, which is the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number
  • You can view the statements of TDS filed online
  • You can further correct the TDS statements online
  • Access to default resolution can also be gained via the TRACES website
  • You can use the TDSCPC portal to view Form 26AS, and
  • To view all activities related to grievance recording and resolving

There are three categories of services offered under the TRACES portal. They are:

  • Services related to the deductor
  • Services related to taxpayers, and
  • Services related to PAO or Pay and Accounts Office

How to Register for TRACES as a Taxpayer?

TRACES is a portal where taxpayers, PAOs, and deductors can register for various online services. Here are the key steps to register on the TRACES India website:

  • Go to the TRACES portal and click on the ‘Register as New User’ tab
  • Once you click on the tab, you will be redirected to the screen of the taxpayer
  • In the next step, you must submit the required information and click on the ‘Create Account’ tab.
  • Once the information submitted by you is authenticated, you will reach the confirmation page, where you may update or change any data offered earlier.
  • In the last step, once you have reviewed the data, you will be provided with an activation link and code on your email ID/mobile

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How to Regitser for TRACES as a Deductor?

Below are the steps to register for TRACES as a deductor:

  • Go to the TRACES webpage at
  • Select the option of the ‘Register as New User’ tab
  • Now, select the option of ‘Deductor’
  • Submit the required information on TRACES to register as a deductor
  • Once the information is submitted, you can register successfully and will receive links to activate your registered email and mobile number
  • Next, click on the activation link and enter your user ID and activation credentials
  • Finally, once the activation is done, you can access TRACES as a deductor

What Services are Offered to Tax Deductors Through TRACES?

A deductor deducts taxes at the source using various TDS mechanisms, which are then deposited with the IT department within a specific time. After deducting the tax, a TDS deductor must submit the deduction details in a statement.

Below categories of people are required to file an online TDS statement compulsorily:

  • Companies
  • Government Offices
  • People who need their accounts to be audited u/s 44AB of the IT Act
  • If a deductor records reports of 20 and above deductee in a particular quarter in a financial year, he has to submit a statement

Key services to be availed by the deductor on TRACES

  • TDS Refund
  • Various online and offline correction
  • Admin user registration for a TAN
  • Sub-user creation by admin user
  • Challan status check
  • Justification report download
  • Form 16/16A download
  • Check credit of TDS/TCS for a PAN
  • Check TAN’s PAN master
  • Check the status of statements
  • Present feedback
  • Change the password and manage the profile of the user
  • Statement non-filing declaration

How to Log in to the TRACES Portal?

Below are the steps to log in to the TRACES portal if you are already registered:

  1. The first step is to sign in to the portal and click on the Login’ tab
  2. Submit your TDS TRACES login ID and password (TIN) and click on ‘Go’
  3. Click on the ‘profile menu’ enabled on the login
  4. Now, submit details like PAN, DOB, etc., of the detector and click on the submit button
  5. Now, in the next step, confirm the details and click on ‘submit.’
  6. Once you register successfully, you will receive an activation link and an activation code on your registered email and mobile phone
  7. Click on the activation link and submit the user ID and codes
  8. Once activated, you will be able to access the TRACES portal

What is the Process to Generate a TRACES Compliance Report?

The TRACES compliance report is used to find defaults in TANs. The below steps can be taken by the taxpayer to generate this report:

  • As usual, you first need to log in to the TRACES portal as a taxpayer
  • Next, click on the tab of ‘Aggregated TDS Compliance’
  • You will get options to select from:
    • Default based
    • Fiscal year based
  • Now, click on ‘submit request’
  • Now, from the ‘requested downloads’ option in the ‘downloads’ menu, download the compliance report Excel file after submitting the request

What do you Mean by Request for Resolution Facility?

‘Request for resolution’ is a feature used by taxpayers to resolve their complaints. Below are the steps to access this service:

  • Use your registered user ID and password to log in to the TRACES portal as a taxpayer
  • Click on the tab of ‘request for resolution’
  • Now, select the resolution request category
  • Choose the year of assessment as per the inquiry
  • Submit the required details after filling them out
  • Once you have submitted the inquiry, you will receive a ticket number to confirm the successful submission of the request

TDS TRACES – Ticket Status

Below are the results of TDS TRACES ticket status options: 

1. Ticket is ‘Open’ status – Here, the assessing officer has the ticket, and the person will act on the ticket during the specified time
2. Ticket ‘in Progress’ status – In this stage, the assessing officer offers a clarification on the ticket
3. ‘Clarification requested’ status – At this stage, the tax authorities ask for an explanation of the request and will close the ticket in case no clarification is offered within a month (30 days)
4. ‘Closure request’ status – This is the final stage that indicates the closure of the ticket by the deductor after offering a clarification to the assessee. In case no action is provided for a month on the request, the ticket will be closed automatically

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FAQs: How to Login on the TDS TRACES Website?

What do TRACES in Income Tax stand for?

TRACES in income tax stands for TDS Reconciliation, Analysis, and Correction Enabling System.

Is registering for TRACES mandatory?

For taxpayers who withdraw or receive tax on behalf of their clients, TRACES registration is necessary.

What is the TRACES Customer Care number?

1800-103-0344 is the TRACES toll-free number

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