Different Regional Transport Office (RTO) Forms and Their Purposes


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Are you aware of the different RTO forms and their purposes? If you own a vehicle, you must know the purposes of different RTO forms. If you are unaware, read on to know more.

If you own a vehicle, you must be aware of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) regulations that are required to be able to drive a vehicle without any trouble on the Indian roads.  RTO is the organization that is entrusted with the task of managing a database of vehicle drivers as well as vehicles of each and every state in the country.

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The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of India performs four key functions, such as:

  • RTO issues driving licence.
  • RTO manages and coordinates everything about motor excise duty.
  • RTO sells personalized registrations to vehicle owners.
  • RTO examines vehicle insurance and emission tests.

To make each function that RTO performs smooth and easy for people, the Government of India has introduced different RTO forms. These forms help people in identifying the exact input that they are supposed to offer to RTO to carry a certain function.

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RTO Form List is Segregated into Two Different Categories:

  • For driving licence
  • For vehicle registration

If you want to know about the various RTO forms and which form is used for registration etc. you will get all the information about the various RTO forms below:

  • Driving Licence Form Form 1
  • Driving Licence Form Form 1A
  • Driving Licence Form Form 2
  • Driving Licence Form Form 4
  • Driving Licence Form Form 8
  • Driving Licence Form Form 9
  • Vehicle Registration Form 20
  • Vehicle Registration Form 26
  • Vehicle Registration Form 27
  • Vehicle Registration Form 28
  • Vehicle Registration Form 29
  • Vehicle Registration Form 30
  • Vehicle Registration Form 31

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Category 1- Driving License RTO Forms List

1. Form 1

This is a form that declares the applicant as physically fit. This form is called the Application plus Declaration form. This form is filled to confirm if the candidate has any condition of disability or disease, which might hamper the driving skills of the person.

2. Form 1A

This form serves as a ‘Medical Certificate’ for the applicant. It contains the medical test results that are carried out by a medical officer selected by the government to confirm if the applicant has any medical issues. Thus, the information submitted in this form by the applicant gets rechecked by the tests conducted by the medical officer.

3. Form 2 

this is the application to grant a learner’s licence to the applicant. In this form, the applicant should submit the information of the vehicle that he/she will be driving. Also, information such as if the applicant had any driving license in the past or if he/she was disqualified for a licence ever etc. are also required to be submitted here.

4. Form 4

this is the licence to drive form. Through this application, the candidate can apply for a driving licence in the state where they reside. Here, in this form, the result of your driving exam to test your driving skills is also mentioned. So, this also functions as the passing form of RTO.

5. Form 8

this form is required if the applicant wants to add a new vehicle type to their existing driving license. So, if the candidate wants to drive a new vehicle type to their existing licence, they must fill this application.

6. Form 9

this is the form that is required to renew your driving licence. So, if your driving licence is going to expire and you are willing to renew the licence, you will have to fill this form along with  attaching the below documents:

  • Document stating that your licence is not withdrawn.
  • Form 1A to certify that you are medically fit.
  • Applicant’s photograph of 5cmX6cm.

Category 2- Vehicle Registration RTO Forms List

1. Form 20

This is called the form for registration of vehicle. So, anyone willing to register a vehicle must fill this RTO registration form and submit details of the vehicle like:

  • Vehicle body type
  • Vehicle type
  • Cylinders used on the vehicle
  • Seating capacity
  • Fuel used etc.

This form also include:

  • Certificate of examination, and
  • Certificate of office endorsement

2. Form 26

This is a form required to be filled to issue a duplicate vehicle registration certificate if the vehicle owner’s original RC of the motor vehicle is lost. So, this is required as a vehicle registration form.

3. Form 27

This is the form that an applicant has to fill if he/she requires a new mark of registration to be assigned to a vehicle for a second time. This might be required if the applicant transfers his/her vehicle from one Indian state to a different one. You might also require to attach some other documents with this form such as NOC, original RC, and vehicle fitness certificate etc.

4. Form 28

This form is to apply for NOC or ‘No Objection Certificate’. This form allows applicants with NOC to get a license.

5. Form 29

This form is required for transferring possession of a vehicle. So, if the owner of a vehicle sells the vehicle or gives the ownership rights to another person, he/she is required to fill this form as a notice to the original RTO.

6. Form 30

In case of transferring vehicle ownership, form 30 is also required to be filled together with form number 29. Both these forms need to be submitted at the RTO with details of both transferors, and the transferee.

7. Form 31

This form must be completed by the nominee of a deceased person who use and own the deceased person’s automobile.  The applicant must offer information of the deceased in this form.

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To Conclude

So, now you know all about RTO full form and the different RTO application forms and their purposes. Understanding and being familiar with these forms is essential if you do any RTO-related work expediently.. Each of the forms has their own importance and are required to perform a separate function.

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