5 Best 50 Lakhs term life insurance policies in India 

Term insurance on your mind? Here are the 5 best term insurance plan for 50 lakhs that you can consider investing in.

Why Buy a 50 Lakh Term Plan?

The whole idea of buying term insurance is to secure your financial future as well as that of your loved ones. The sum assured in the term plan is promised to the policyholder upon policy maturity. In addition, one of the biggest benefits of buying term insurance is that it assures financial support to the policyholder’s family in case of an unfortunate untimely demise of the former.

Top 5 Benefits of Buying 50 Lacs Life Insurance Policy

If you’re considering investing in term insurance of Rs. 50 lakhs, here are some of the key advantages on offer:

Premium returned to policy holder: The premium paid by the policyholder during the policy term is actually returned to them in case of some term insurance plans.

Loan facility available: Term insurance policyholders are allowed the option to avail loan which can be repaid during the tenure of the policy.

Add-on riders available: Benefit of buying a 50 lakh term insurance policy is that it enables the policyholder to receive additional coverage on the base plan in the form of add-on rider options.

Death benefit assured to the beneficiary: policyholder’s nominee would receive Rs. 50 lakhs as death benefit upon the former’s death.

Ideal preparation for retirement: By investing in term insurance of Rs. 50 lakhs, you can be rest assured of leading a comfortable life post retirement.

What is Not Covered in 50 Lakh Term Life Insurance Policy

There are certain exclusions in a 50 lakhs term insurance plan, which are good to know before investing your money in one:

1. Term insurance does not cover death caused      due to suicice/self-harm/indulgence in      hazardous activities, such as risky adventure      sports.

2. Pre-existing illnesses are not covered under      term insurance plans.

3. Term insurance does not cover death caused      under the influence of drugs or excessive      consumption of alcohol.

4. A policyholder’s death caused due to their      involvement in a criminal act would not      attract death benefit under term insurance to      the nominee/beneficiary of the policyholder.

5 best Term Insurance Plans for 50 lakhs

let us look at the top 5 plans worth considering for investment in 50 lakh term insurance:

Name of the Plan

Age of Maturity

Sum Assured

Aegon iTerm

100 years

Rs. 25,00,000

PNB Metlife Mera Term Plan

99 years

Rs. 10,00,000

Max Life Smart Secure Plus

85 years

Rs. 20,00,000

ABSLI Life Shield

85 years

Rs. 25,00,000

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life

Coverage for lifetime

Rs. 50,000

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