Best Diet for Dengue 

The peak season of Dengue fever – September and October – is here, and the scare can be felt. With a staggering number of cases reported last year, the concern this year is quite obvious.

Diet Food, What to Eat & Avoid During Dengue Fever

Best 13 Food to Recover from Dengue Fever

Below are some sources of calcium in the form of leafy vegetables in the given below calcium foods list below:

1. Coconut Water:

2. Papaya Leaf Juice:

3. Herbal Tea:

4. Neem Tree Leaves:

5. Pomegranate:

6. Vegetable Juice:

7. Yogurt:

8. Grapefruit:

9. Broccoli:

10. Orange:

11. Fenugreek

12. Spinach

13. Kiwi fruit

4 Foods to Avoid During Dengue Fever

1. Spicy food:

2. Non-vegetarian items:

3. Fried foods:

4. Caffeine:

Normally, dengue patients experience high fever, which can sometimes show flu-like symptoms. Some extreme cases can also show symptoms of bleeding and sudden BP drop. In case of such symptoms, it is a must to stop the intake of the following food items by the patient.

Ideal Diet Plan for Patients Suffering from Dengue

here is a food chart that you can use for some guidance:

Breakfast : Eggs/Cornflakes/Chapati/Milk/Fruits

Evening snack : Chicken Soup/Spinach/Carrot/Mixed 

Mid-morning snack : Coconut Water/Fruits/Yoghurt

Lunch :  Rice/Vegetable Stew/Chicken/Fish Stew/Mashed Potato/Carrots/Dal

Dinner : Rice/Chapati/Dal/Vegetables Stew

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