Best Individual Health Insurance Plans in India

Individual Health Insurance refers an individual gets protection against health expenses.

Features of Individual Health Insurance

Given below are some of the best features of an individual health insurance policy:

1. The health insurance for individuals provides    coverage solely for the insured person.

2. The insurer here protects the policyholder     against certain medical expenses as per the        amount of premium paid by him/her.

3. Under individual health insurance plans,     hospitalization charges are covered as part of     the policy.

4. The individual policies come with Lifetime        renewal.

5. These plans allow tax deductions as per       section 80D of Income Tax.

6. The individual plans provide coverage costs      for surgeries, hospital rooms, doctor's fees and      for tests done in the laboratory among others.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance

Given below are some of the benefits of an individual health insurance policy:

1. Under these medical insurance for individuals,   the benefits of the plan can be availed only   by the insured person.on.

2. The insurance plans for individuals allow the    insured to take advantage of the individual    assured sum as compared to a floating    assured sum.

3. The medical insurance for individuals serve    perfectly for people who have a greater risk of    health due to multiple diseases.

4. Some insurance companies permit parents,      spouse and children to add in individual       medical insurance but only on an individual       basis. In this case, they even offer a particular        amount of family discount on such plans.

5. There are no maximum age restrictions for    members for policy renewal under individual    insurance.

Best Individual Health Insurance Plans Online in India

Below are the top 4 Individual Health Insurance Plans available Online in India:

1. Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company

2. Star Health Insurance

3. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

4. ICICI Lombard

How to Buy a Health Insurance for Individual Plans from Paybima

Here are the steps to buy Individual Health Insurance cover from Paybima 

1. Visit and click on the ‘health’ tab.

2. Provide your basic details like Type of Policy      required, Sum Insured, Gender of Primary        Insured, Age of Primary Insured, and Pin Code      of Primary    Insured.

3. Now, provide other details like your Name,      Email  id and Mobile number.

4. You will be able to see a list of different plans         available as per your requirement.

5. You can check the details of each plan offered      by different insurance companies.

6. Here you can compare the plans and choose      the one that suits your requirement.

Difference Between Group and Individual Health Insurance?

Individual Health Insurance

Individual insurance plans permit individuals to earn coverage on his/her health for the amount of money or sum insured under the particular plan that the person is availing. Here, each individual in a family can get protection on an individual basis.

group or family health insurance plans, the coverage on health is shared by all the members of a family in a single plan. So, here the sum insured can be used on a sharing basis among all members insured under the policy.

Group Insuarnce

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