4 Best LIC Policy 2022-23 for Women

There was a time when financial planning was majorly catered to men only. But not anymore! In this post we are talking about the best LIC policies crafted for women in India. Let’s take a look.

Aadhaar Shila is the new offering from LIC of India that caters especially to the women in the country. Plan Features and Benefits:

1. LIC’s Aadhaar  Shila

1. Loan and Tax benefits

2. Death Benefits

3. Maturity Benefits

4. Loyalty Additions

5. Surrender benefits

This is another women specific plan from LIC of India that secures the family of the insured woman and gives special focus on the children. Plan Features and Benefits:

2. LIC Jeevan Lakshya  Plan

1. Death Benefits

2. Maturity Benefits

3. Participation benefits

4. Premium Payment

Jeevan Anand is an endowment plan and a new LIC policy for women. Plan Features and Benefits:

3. LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan

1. Death Benefit

2. Maturity benefit

3. Bonuses

Jeevan Pragati is one of the best LIC policy plans for women who are  looking for monetary security and savings for their retirement. Plan Features and Benefits:

4. LIC Jeevan Pragati Plan

1. Death Benefit

2. Maturity benefit

3. Sum Assured increases after 5 years

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