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TWO WHEELER Insurance - Everything You Want To Know

A two wheeler policy is an agreement between you and an insurance provider.  According to this, the insurer will provide you with cover against repairs and expenses arising out of natural calamities, accidents, or man-made nuisances. In return, you must pay the premium policy on time to the insurance provider.

What is Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

1. Third party liability only plans 2. Comprehensive package plans 3. Long term two-wheeler insurance      plans 4. Long term third party liability       plans 5. Standalone Own damage plan 6. Bundled Insurance Plan

Types of Bike Insurance Policies in India

Third-Party Liability

>> The policy offers you coverage in the case of an accident that involves a vehicle or a third-party individual or property. It also offers coverage against any legal liabilities arising out of such instances.

Comprehensive Policy

>> A comprehensive two wheeler policy offers the benefits of third-party liability and adds its own damage coverage. 

Long term two-wheeler insurance plans

>>IRDAI allows comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans to be offered for a longer tenure of 2 or 3 years. This removes the hassle of annual renewals. Also, you are protected against an annual increase in third party rates by IRDAI

Long term third party liability plans

>>These plans are available only for new bikes. They offer long term coverage for 5 years against third party liabilities. If you are buying a new bike, you have to get coverage against third party liabilities for a continuous period of 5 years. This is where this policy becomes mandatory

Standalone Own damage Plan

>>It provides protection against damages to your bike in case of accidents, theft, fire or natural calamities. It can only be bought if you already have an existing third party insurance cover valid for at least a year

Bundled Insurance Plan

New Bikes need to have a mandatory third-party insurance coverage for at least 5 years and hence a Bundled Insurance Policy can be availed for the same. This plan offers 1-year own damage cover and 5 years third party cover

Benefits of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance

Cover All Types of Two Wheeler

Fulfil The Legal Mandate

Add-Ons Enhance Cover

Affordable Premiums

Coverage Against Unforeseen Emergency

Financial Protection

Why should I buy a car insurance?

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