BS6 Stage 2 Norms and Its Impact on the Two wheeler Industry


30 Indian cities have already inscribed their names in the list of the top 100 most polluted cities in the world. Moreover, in India, the growth of the automobile industry is surging and this industry contributes a major part to environmental pollution.

Impact of BS6 Phase 2 Norms, Guidelines on the Bike Industry

What is Bharat Stage 6 or BS6?

BS6 means Bharat Stage 6 which is the most erudite and advanced gas emission standard for vehicles in India. This is analogous to Euro 6 standards, which are now used in European Union countries, EEA and the United Kingdom. To lessen the rising air pollution in the country, the government of India discarded previous BS-4 standards and opted for BS-6 emission standards. Now, they will only manufacture and sell BS-6 compliant cars and two-wheelers.


According to the rules of the central government, these days, manufacturers can only deal with BS6 bikes. They have introduced some changes in the engine so that it will emit less-lethal gases. These manufacturers can’t use cheap carburetors rather they need to use expensive fuel engines for the engines of their bikes. As a result, the price of the two-wheelers has increased by 10-15 per cent.

Impact of BS6 is Rising Price for Two-wheelers


To abide by the standards of BS6, every bike manufacturer needs to enhance its investments. Now, they need to use high-end fuel injection systems for the engines of their bikes. These injection systems are expensive as compared to carburetors. Most manufacturers faced humongous losses as they couldn’t sell their BS4 bikes and cars before the deadline (1st April 2020).

How are Two-wheeler Manufacturers Affected?


Due to the introduction of new BS6 norms, the price of two-wheelers has increased by 10-15 per cent. The sale graph is also reduced due to this increasing price. This made a sharp rise in two wheeler insurance premiums and braking systems. It is compulsory for every two-wheeler owner to possess third-party insurance to safeguard themselves from untoward events like accidents, etc.

For two-wheelers, the demand has reduced


During this COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many people discarded public transport and opted for their own vehicles. Some even purchased new vehicles to ensure their safety. Since two-wheelers are more affordable and can run smoothly on Indian roads, hence people purchased their dream bikes during this pandemic. This inspired bike manufacturers to recover from the losses that they have experienced before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A New Beginning after the COVID-19 pandemic

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