Coronavirus Health Insurance Plans & Benefits

Coronavirus Health Insurance is a personalized policy of health insurance designed especially to offer coverage against the cost incurred in the treatment of COVID-19, if an insured person is diagnosed positive for the virus.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Novel Coronavirus, which is commonly known as Coronavirus is a set of viruses which hit the immune system of humans to cause them a range of illnesses including Cold, respiratory diseases, SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and so on.

What is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

The Coronavirus Health Insurance is a custom-made health insurance plan that protects against covid-19 disease by covering the costs of in-patient hospitalization, pre, post hospital charges along with other related expenses that might rise from the covid-19 treatment. Lately, almost every insurance provider has come up with policies to cover policyholders against the covid-19 medical expenses

Key Benefits of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Insurance

1. Covid-19 treatment

4. Co-payment

2. Covid-19 Home Treatment

3. Consumable Costs

5. Cashless Treatment

6. Add-on/Riders

Some of the other benefits of Covid-19 insurance plans are:

1. Covid 19 insurance covers hospitalization    including pre and post hospitalization        costs.

4. Coronavirus insurance also offers regular      health protection along with allowing      protection for coronavirus.

2. The premium payment of covid-19 plans      are very cost-effective.

3. Being short-term policies, you don't have      to pay the premiums of the health     insurance for lifelong.

Given below are some of the best features of an individual health insurance policy:

Health Insurance Plans for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India

1. Corona Kavach Policy for Covid-19

2. Corona Rakshak Insurance Plan

3. Coronavirus Group Health Insurance

Some health insurance plans for coronavirus are below :

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