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7 Essential Car Insurance Tips for Your New Car on Diwali

Festivities and celebrations are a part of Indian culture. People in India love celebrating various occasions with their families amidst laughter, lavish meals, and fun anecdotes.

The Diwali Car-Buying Tradition

Diwali is a grand celebration in India and across the diasporic communities globally. Diwali celebrations last for over five days, with each day having its significance and story behind it. The days are associated with the honoring of different deities. Dhanteras is the first day of the celebration connected to commerce and wealth. It is believed to be a fortunate time to acquire new assets or make new investments. People in the northern regions of India invest in buying jewelry and cars as they believe it to bring them good luck.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance for Your New Vehicle

While buying a car is auspicious and beneficial during the Diwali festivities, safeguarding it with the right car insurance is absolutely important. Car insurance is a vital need to drive vehicles on Indian roads. It provides financial protection to your prized possession against any unforeseen accidents and damages.

1. Compare plans

2. Avail insurance online

3. Dealer-provided insurance

4. NCB

5. Add-ons

Navigating Add-Ons for Extra Protection

Here, we would like to provide some insights on a few popular add-ons that you may consider:

1. Zero depreciation:

2. Engine protection:

3. 24/7 Roadside assistance:

4. NCB protection:

5. Consumable replacement cover:

Tips for Lowering Premiums

1. Access voluntary deductibles

2. NCB advantage

3. Buy plans online

4. Go for Pay-as-you-drive insurance

5. Install security devices

Section 6: Safe Driving Practices for a Prosperous Journey

Section 6: Safe Driving Practices for a Prosperous Journey

– Diwali is marked by extensive bursting of firecrackers. Hence, carrying a portable extinguisher can avoid the threat of accidents caused by fire

– Always drive with your car windows rolled up to avoid the noise and smoke of firecrackers

– A first aid box is another must-have in your car not only during Diwali but all year round

– Never drink and drive, or never drive while you are under the influence of alcohol

– Maintain speed limits under control, especially during the night when there is low visibility

– Maintain distance if you see crowds lighting firecrackers on the road

Section 7: Emergency Preparedness and Claim Process

Despite your efforts to avoid an unforeseen situation, if any mishap occurs, it is necessary to inform the insurer immediately about the accident and the damage. Also, get an FIR lodged at the nearest police station to report the incident. Don’t forget to record details of the vehicle, the driver, and the witnesses to the incident.

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