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Family Health Insurance - What is Covered and Not covered

What are Health Insurance Plans for Families?

Family insurance plan is a single policy that encompasses each and every member of a family within it. With a health policy for family in hand, you don't have to wait to start treatment of any of your family members in the event of a health situation requiring immediate medical attention.

Key Features of Health Insurance Plans for Family

Cashless Treatment Facility

The family insurance plans present the facility of cashless hospitalization in the event of a medical emergency or in case of illness of any member of the family covered under the plan.

Maternity Cover

Best medical insurance for family allows you to avail maternity cover for pregnant mothers. They include charges like delivery cost, c-section cost, and cost incurred in case of missed abortion and so on.

Fertility Treatments

Many plans of the best health policy for family also cover fertility treatment as part of the family insurance plans. So, this helps the family to stay protected from the cost incurred at the time of embracing parenthood.

Accident Cover

With best family health insurance in India you can avail the add-on feature of accident cover. It also helps with premium waivers if the accident causes permanent or temporary disability to the insured.

Critical Illnesses

Another facility available with family health insurance plans is that you can receive remittance allowance for critical diseases for its first diagnosis. You can avail this facility even without showing any hospital bills for the illnesses covered under the plan.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance Plan

Total cover with single premium


Hassle-free and affordable

Tax Benefits

What is covered in a Family Health Insurance Plan?

Covers in-patient hospital charges

Day Care Charges

Ambulance Charges

Pre & Post Hospital Charges

Maternity Cover

Organ Transplant

Alternative Medical Treatment

Domiciliary Treatment

What is Not Covered under a Family Health Insurance Plan?


Cosmetic Surgery


Nuclear Weapons


Life Support

Overseas Treatment

Injury caused by Criminal Activity

Medical conditions already existing

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