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FAQs Related to Individual Health Insurance

What are Individual Health Insurance Policies?

Individual Health Insurance refers to the insurance plans or policies where an individual gets protection against numerous expenses incurred towards maintaining his/her overall health and wellbeing.

FAQ About Individual Health Insurance

When should One buy an individual health insurance plan?

What is covered under individual health insurance?

An individual health insurance plan covers all essential healthcare benefits such as cover for road ambulance expenses, daycare procedures, in-patient hospitalisation expenses etc.

It is recommended to buy an individual insurance policy as soon as possible. Even if you are covered under a corporate health insurance policy, still, you must opt for an individual policy for extensive coverage.

What is the waiting period for individual health insurance?

What are the eligibility criteria for individual health insurance?

Generally, the eligibility criteria for individual plans is 18 years to 60 years. However, the eligibility criteria vary from plan to plan.

Individual health insurance plans generally come with an initial waiting period of at least 30 days. However, the waiting periods for pre-existing diseases range between 1 year and 4 years, and for that of specific diseases range between one-two years.

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