There are wide-range of investment products with assured returns, it becomes difficult to choose between them. Let us take a look at some popular FD and GRP products.

FD vs Guaranteed Return Insurance Products  

Things you may like to know

About Fixed Deposits

Both Fixed Deposits and Life insurance Plans offer guaranteed return on investment.FDs are safe and secured options of investment that offer assured returns with fixed interest rates.

About Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance provides financial security for a policyholder's family after their sudden death.

There are several types of life insurance plans included Endowment and Money-Back Policies. Money-Back Policies offer regular income with death benefit, while endowment plans provide a lump-sum at maturity. Traditional plans may offer guaranteed benefits and bonuses.

Comparison between (FD) and  (GRP)


FD -  1 to 5 years

Grp - for 10 and more years

Minimum Investment

INR 1000

Grp - it depends on age, sum assured, and health

Guaranteed Return

Fd - fixed return on investment

Grp - good return at maturity


Fd - may affect its ROI

Grp - 3-year lock-in period.


Fd - no tax benefits

Grp - good tax benefits

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