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Car Insurance - Everything You Want To Know

A car insurance policy is an agreement between you and an insurance provider.  A car insurance policy covers the financial liability which arises in case the insured car injures any third party or damages any third party property.

What is Car Insurance Policy?

1. Third party liability 2. Comprehensive cover 3. Pay as your drive 4. Long term liability cover 5.Standalone own damage cover 6. Bundled plan

Types of Car Insurance Policies in India

Third-Party Liability

>> This is the mandatory cover as required by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This policy provides coverage against third party legal liabilities. It pays the required compensation for any death, injury or damage of property to any third party.

Comprehensive Policy

>> This policy covers the mandatory third-party liability as well as the damages suffered by your own car due to natural or man-made causes.


>>This is a flexible policy wherein the coverage can be turned on and off depending on your usage of the car. You can turn the coverage on when you use the car and off when you don’t. This saves a lot on the premium cost that is otherwise payable for a policy wherein the coverage is always on. Premiums for these plans are calculated based on the kilometres you declare to cover in a year.

Long term liability cover

>>This policy offers third party liability coverage for a continuous period of 3 years. The policy is available only for new cars that are required to carry a long term third party cover as per IRDAI’s latest rules.

Standalone Own damage Plan

>>This policy covers only the damages that your car suffers. Third-party liability coverage is not allowed. A standalone car insurance policy can be purchased when you already have third-party liability insurance or you can buy them both simultaneously.

Bundled  Plan

>>A bundled policy is available for new cars. This policy allows third party liabilities for 3 years and own damage cover for one year.

Features of Car Insurance Plans

~ Helps You Stay Legally Compliant ~ Protection Against Third-Party Liabilities ~ Protection Against Own-Damages ~ Coverage Against Theft ~ Personal Accident Cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

~ Third-Party Bodily Injuries ~ Third-Party Property Damage ~ Car’s Own-Damages ~ Personal Accident Cover ~ Theft of Car ~ Add-ons Availability

Why should I buy a car insurance?

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