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Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

What are Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans?

Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens refers to the plans which cover all kinds of costs incurred by senior citizens for different medical treatments. All citizens who are 60 years and above are regarded as senior citizens.

Key Features of Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Hospitalization Charges

senior citizen health plans cover hospitalization charges including bills of medicines, room rent and so on.

Cashless Hospitalization

best health insurance plans for senior citizens come with cashless hospitalization charges.

Day Care Costs

these plans cover the expenses of hospitalization when a patient requires day care procedures with less than 24hour hospitalization.

Ambulance Charges

health plans for senior citizens also cover ambulance charges.

Pre-existing Diseases

depending on the insurance provider and the health insurance plans for senior citizens, pre-existing diseases are covered as per policy terms and conditions.

Medical Examination

most insurance providers do not make medical tests mandatory for availing the senior citizens insurance plans, while some providers may ask for a test before buying a plan depending on the policy.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance Plan

Lifetime renewal

Cashless hospitalization

Extensive health coverage for elderly

Tax benefits

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