Treatment for Blocked Nose at Night

Home Remedies for Instant Relief from Blocked Nose

A blocked nose or congestion in the nose can bring upon great discomfort, especially at night when you try to sleep.

Common Reasons for Blocked Nose

As already stated, nose can be blocked due to many reasons such:

1.  Pollen, fur or feathers of pets, dust and      other allergies can be the cause of a      blocked nose

2. Sinus infection can also cause blockage in      nose

3. Any outside object getting stuck in the      nose can also lead to blocked nose

4. The growth of benign nasal polyps in the      passage of the nose can also be a reason

5. When the nostril partition is crooked called      as Deviated septum, it can also cause      blocked nose

5 Best Home Remedies for Blocked Nose

Now, if you are having issues due to blocked nose, especially at night while sleeping and you want remedies to get it cleared, here are some effective ways out.

1. Use Steam Inhalation:

2. Drink Hot Soup:

3. Use of Nasal Spray

4. Gargle regularly

5. Wash Hair

Drinking healthy hot beverages to cure stuffy nose

Hot drinks can help clear nasal passages and make it easier to breathe. Here are some options to try when dealing with a stuffy nose.

Ginger Tea

Herbal Tea

Chicken Soup

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