SBI Life Insurance Policy Surrender Value Calculator in India 

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What do you Mean by SBI Life Insurance Policy Surrender Value?

Life insurance policies come with a long tenure during which the policyholder is expected to pay the premium of the plan to avail continued coverage on their life. However, at times people face certain unforeseen situations wherein they are unable to pay the premiums of their life policy and have to surrender the plan. Surrendering a policy means terminating it before the policy reaches maturity.

If a policyholder surrenders a life insurance policy in the middle of the policy term, the person gets a surrender amount from the insurer. However, a surrender value is associated with it, which is deducted from the sum the policyholder receives. This surrender value varies from policy to policy. In the case of SBI life insurance plans, the surrender value received from the insurer is generally the premium amount paid by the policyholder towards the plan.

How does a Life Insurance Plan of SBI Attain Surrender Value?

Below are some situations under which SBI life insurance plans can obtain a surrender value:

1. If the term of your SBI life insurance policy is Ten Years or more:

In this case, the SBI life insurance surrender value is reached if the premium for the plan has been regularly paid for at least three consecutive years

2. If the tenure of your SBI life insurance policy is less than ten years:

In case the term of your SBI life policy is less than ten years, it will reach surrender value if the premium is paid for a regular period of two years

What is a Surrender value Calculator of the SBI Life Insurance Policy?

The SBI life insurance policy surrender value calculator is an online tool that can be accessed freely to compute the surrender value of SBI life policies. You need to provide some basic details of your policy to instantly calculate the surrender amount of your SBI life policy using the online tool.

How do you Calculate SBI Surrender Value?

Calculating or computing the surrender value of a life insurance plan these days is very easy and hassle-free. If you are an insurance policyholder looking for ways to calculate the SBI life surrender value, you can use the online tool surrender value calculator of the life insurance policy.

This efficient tool computes the precise surrender value of a plan within minutes if you provide the tool with some information related to your policy. Some such information includes the policy term of your plan, premium amount, premium payment mode, the premium already paid for the policy, the number of years for which the plan has been active, etc.

Once you submit all the details pertaining to your policy in the online tool, the surrender value calculator of your SBI life insurance policy determines the surrender value promptly.

Surrender Benefits Received Under the SBI Life Insurance Policy

1. Regular premium:

No surrender benefit is offered in case of regular premiums

2. Single premium:

The policyholder can surrender the policy anytime during the policy term if they pay a single premium. In this case, they can avail 70% of the paid amount as surrender value

3. Limited Premium:

If the policyholder pays a limited premium for the life insurance policy, the surrender value they receive is – surrender value factor X multiplied by the total premiums paid.

Benefits of SBI Life Insurance Policy Surrender Value Calculator

The online tool of the SBI life insurance policy surrender value calculator is a simple and flexible tool that allows quick policy comparisons depending on different factors.

Below are some key benefits of using an SBI life insurance surrender value calculator:

– The tool is very easy to use and helps with policy finances

– It is a hassle-free procedure to estimate the surrender value with this tool

– The tool makes it easy to compare the surrender value of different SBI life policies

– It is effective in saving time

– It also saves cost as it is freely available online

– It allows the insured to access every piece of information related to the parameters that might impact the surrender value of your policy

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