How to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online  on Parivahan Sewa/RTO?

Some steps given below:

How to Check Vehicle Insurance Status On Parivahan Sewa? 

- Go to the website of Parivahan Sewa.

- On the menu bar, go to the tab –    ‘Information services’

- Now in the drop down menu, you will see    ‘Know your vehicle details’ tab. Click on it.

- Vahan NR e-services page will appear    in front of you.

- To login you will have to submit your    registered mobile number.

- submit your car registration number as    well as the verification code.

- Now click on the tab – ‘Search vehicle’

- You will see the details of your car along    with the expiry date of your policy.

The status of your insurance can be checked in many ways to keep yourself updated with the policy expiration date.

How to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online?

- By checking your insurance  papers.

- By calling the insurance agency’s    customer care number.

- By checking in the Insurance Information    Bureau (IIB) portal.

- By visiting the RTO office portal.

- By checking your policy details in the    website of ‘Parivahan Sewa’.

- By calling your insurance agent from   whom you bought the policy and   asking him/her about the details.

Like other products, insurance plans also have a validity period and most car insurance policies remain valid for a period of one year.  The policy holder is expected to renew the policy before the validity expires to enjoy the coverage.

How Long a Car Insurance Policy Remains Valid?

In case of new car, the car owner is supposed to buy the insurance plan for a period of 3 years as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The owner is expected to renew the policy before the 3 year term expires. Once done, you can purchase the next policy for one year period, which you must renew yearly.

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