How To Check Vehicle Owner Details or Name By Registration Number?

Why do You Need to Find Vehicle Details by Registration Number?

In many circumstances, it becomes necessary to check the details of a vehicle owner by registration number. For instance, in case of hit and run accidents, you need the vehicle owner details to find his/her name, address and so on.

Here are the common reasons to find details of a vehicle :

In case of an accident In case of Hit and Run accident In case of purchasing a second-hand vehicle No Objection Certificate

Process to Check Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number

Here are the steps to follow:

Step:2 - Click on “Know Your Vehicle Details”.

Step:3 - Submit the Registration Number of the vehicle or Submit the number available at the number plate of the vehicle.

Step:4 - A page will appear in front of you with details of the vehicle owner and with details of the vehicle.

Step:5 - Submit CAPTCHA and click on the ‘search vehicle’ option.

Information that Can be Availed at VAHAN website 

> Name of owner

> Date of registration

> Registration number

> Type/class of vehicle

> Fuel type

> Details of road tax

> Details of insurance expiry date

> Details of emission norms

> Registration certificate status

> Model no. of vehicle and its manufacturer’s name

> Expiry date of Registration

> Partial details of chassis and engine number

> PUC certificate expiry date

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