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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, by your own fault or another person. What’s important is to be prepared for such mishaps. This is where Own Damage Car Insurance comes in handy.

How to

for Own Damage?

What is Own Damage Insurance for Car?

As the name suggests, an own damage car insurance policy refers to a plan that provides cost coverage for any damage caused to the policyholder’s own vehicle. This may be attributed to man-made damage, such as the one caused during an accident between two cars, or natural calamity like earthquake, flood, and the like.

In any of the above events, sufficient damage may be caused to the vehicle of the insured. With the own damage insurance for a car, the repair cost for this damage is covered by the insurer for the policyholder.

Claim Car Insurance for Own Damage

In case of own damage to the policyholder’s car, the very first step is to report the incident and the subsequent damage to the insurance company at the earliest.

1. As stated earlier, report the incident to your     insurer as early as possible.

2. Make sure to submit all the desired details and      relevant information pertaining to the accident to      your insurer.

3. In case damage to the vehicle had been caused      by a third party, it is imperative to inform the      police about the incident as well.

4. File a claim for accident coverage with the insurer.     The latter would then appoint a surveyor to     conduct surveillance of the accident site and     assess all relevant details pertaining to the     accident in the claim.

In the above section, we learned all about how to claim car insurance for own damage.

1. The claim form, either collected from the insurer or     downloaded from the company’s website, duly     filled and signed

Documents Required for Filing the Claim

2. A copy of the car insurance policy purchased

3. A copy of the certificate of car registration

4. A copy of the FIR filed at the nearest police station

5. A copy of the policyholder’s valid driving license      for the car

6. Original medical bills in case of any physical      injury to the policyholder

7. Original bills of any other expenses incurred      pertaining to the accident

8. Complete details of estimates for car repair

Own Damage Premium in car insurance refers to the premium amount that you pay towards the policy in return for insurance protection against damages to your own car. When you buy a car insurance plan from an insurance company, the latter would require you to pay a certain amount regularly towards the insurance policy. In return, the insurer would guarantee to cover costs related to repair of the vehicle in case of any damage caused to your own car. This amount is known as Own Damage premium.

What is Basic Own Damage Premium in Car Insurance?

This premium is generally decided by the insurer on the basis of the type of car, the city/state where it is used, and the age of the vehicle. Moreover, some other factors like the make of the car, the engine’s Cubic Capacity (CC), the car’s Declared Value, and the geographical boundary of the vehicle are all taken into consideration while determining the Own Damage premium for a two-wheeler or car.

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