How to Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt

Downloading the LIC premium paid receipt or certificate online is important to easily access the documents in case the hard copies are lost. Let us understand the process to download these papers online.

If you are wondering what LIC premium receipt is, let us give you a brief on it. Policyholders of LIC plans has to pay a certain amount as ‘Premium’ on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to the insurer for the coverage provided by the company. Premium receipt is a paper of acceptance offered by the insurer to the insured in lieu of the LIC premium payment made by the insured for availing benefits of LIC plan.

LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online

LIC allow its customers to check various things online, such as:

LIC Features Available Online

1. Confirming Status of Policy Online

2. Checking Policy Schedule Online

3. Online Premium Payment

4. Download Online Receipt

5. Confirm Status of Claims and loans online

6. Online Policy Revival Quotes

7. Online Proposal and Policy view

8. Keeping a tab on the expiry dates of policies      online

9. Online checking of policy history

Many times it happens that people lose their premium payment receipts or they misplace it. At times, they may not receive the receipt at all from the insurer on their email id. However, having a copy of the receipt is very important, especially towards the closing of a financial year to avail tax benefits. Thus, knowing the online downloading process of LIC premium receipt is necessary.

How to Collect the LIC Online Premium Payment Receipt?

Payment of LIC premium can be done in two ways – Offline Mode and Online Mode. For offline, the policyholder is expected to go to the LIC office to get the copy of the receipt. On the other hand, in the case of online mode, the insured can get LIC receipt download instantly and get a copy saved in their registered email Id or in their personal devices like laptop, mobile etc.

What happens if your LIC premium receipt gets lost?

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