Let us dig deeper to understand how to find the LIC policy number. So, read this article and learn the different ways of LIC policy number searchand which is the easiest one of them.

How To Find LIC Policy Number Things 

Things Required to Find LIC Policy Number Online and Offline

How to Check Policy Number?

Having bought a LIC policy means you have planned for your financial security. But things may come to a standstill if you forget the LIC policy number. However, there is nothing to worry about regarding how to get the LIC policy number, because there are ways to get it. Let us discover these methods to find your LIC policy number:

Online Method to Find Your LIC Policy Number

The internet has simplified multiple things for us, take for instance, finding our LIC policy number. Following is the best and easiest way to locate your lost LIC policy number online:

Use the LIC Portal: Remember when you purchase a LIC policy, you are asked for some credentials and details. These details are used to create an online account on the LIC portal. Use this same information to find your LIC policy number by logging into the LIC official portal.

Offline Methods to Find Your LIC Policy Number

How to know the LIC policy number if you are unable to opt for the online method? There are not one but three different offline methods for the same. Have a look:

1. Visit the Home Branch: The best offline method to find your LIC policy number is by visiting the LIC home branch.

2. Visit Nearest LIC Branch: In case, you are not able to locate the home branch of LIC or visit it. Then, visit any nearest LIC branch and you may request the officials to give you your policy number. Here too, don’t forget to take along your PAN card and other ID proofs.

3. Contact Your LIC Agent: If you have forgotten your LIC policy number, then the only person, your LIC agent can help you recover your policy number. All you need is to provide the agent with the policyholder’s name along with his/her date of birth.

Things Required to Find LIC Policy Number

There are times when people who purchase a LIC policy forget their policy number. They either forget to keep the documents safe or forget to note down the policy number somewhere. So, in that case, these two vital credentials can help you retrieve your lost LIC policy number:

– Policyholder name

– Date of birth

How to Check LIC Policy Status Without Policy Number

There are a couple of things you can do to check the LIC policy status without a policy number. Have a look to understand these easy steps to check your LIC policy status without using your policy number:

2. The second option is to visit the nearest LIC branch from where you bought the policy and fulfill the requirements asked by the officials to get your policy status.

1. Firstly, you can contact your LIC agent and give a few details to get updates about your policy status.

3. The third way to check the LIC policy status without your policy number is by contacting LIC customer care by dialing 1251 from your registered mobile number.

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