Increase Melanin in Skin 

with 10 Melanin Rich Foods

Human skin has a natural umbrella that protects us from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a substance that is present in human skin to different degrees. This substance is the key factor responsible for the unique colour of your eyes, hair and skin. Melanin not just provides pigmentation to the skin but also absorbs the dangerous UV rays to protect cells from damage due to sun exposure.

How to increase melanin in skin naturally?

Melanin in skin can be increased in many ways. One can visit a dermatologist or take support of certain cosmetic items which claim to increase melanin. However, the best way to increase melanin in skin is by natural means. 

10 Best Melanin Rich Food Items for Skin

Here are some foods that increase melanin:

1. Foods rich in Vitamin A

2. Food rich in Vitamin C 

3. Food rich in Vitamin E

4. Antioxidants rich food

5. Flavonoids

6. Herbs and Teas

7. Essential Oils

8. Eggs

9. Almonds

10. Plums

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