Is Death by a Heart Attack Covered Under Term Insurance Cover?

Wondering, if death by a heart attack covered under term insurance cover? Many insurers charge a hefty premium for term insurance if you have pre-existing critical diseases. Let us discuss the maximum term insurance cover you can avail and if it covers death by heart attack.

Does Life Insurance Cover Heart Attack Death?

If you are a heart patient, you might find it difficult to buy a term plan as compared to people who do not have such an illness. If you have any heart issue and you are looking for the best term plan, you may like to consider the below questions:

1. Do term plans offer coverage for death     caused by heart attack?

2. What factors are needed to consider at the      time of buying a term plan for heart patients?

Does Term Plan Offer Coverage for Death Caused by Heart Attack?

Yes, you would be glad to know that term plans do offer coverage for death that occurs due to heart attack. Heart attacks are generally considered under the natural death criteria and so they get coverage as term insurance cover natural death.

If the insured who owns the health policy has no medical history of heart attack, he/she would be offered a term insurance plan with normal charges and taxes.

How Term Insurances Cover Heart Attacks or Heart Attack Related death.

1. The insured has no history of heart attack

If the insured has prior history of ailment or has undergone a heart attack in the past, it is liable on the insured to inform of the same before signing the policy papers.

2. The insured has a history of Heart attack

If the policyholder hides or doesn’t communicate the details of the history of his/her heart attack while buying the policy, the insurer might dismiss or cancel the policy. They might reject a claim and also levy a fine on the policyholder by increasing the premium.

What Happens if the Policyholder Hides About The History of Heart Attack?

you must reveal the following details to the insurer at the time of buying term insurance.

4 Points to Consider Before Buying Term Plans

Your Age –  the age at which you had a heart attack is something very important to consider.

How severe was the attack? –  the impact that the attack had on your overall health also plays a significant role while buying a term plan.

Are  you a Diabetic? – Diabetes and heart ailment is a dangerous combination and are mostly avoided by insurers.

Treatment details and follow-ups – If your heart ailment requires lifelong medication, your insurer might charge extra to offer you the term plan cover.

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