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Khushi Ka Tohfa by PayBima- Everything You Need to Know

Now you have the opportunity to present your beloved people with the gift of happiness or 'Khushi ka Tohfa', which is a new online platform of Paybima for gifting insurance policies. With the 'Khushi ka Tohfa' insurance gift card, you can present your loved ones with an insurance policy that would stay with them for life and secure them financially.

What is Khushi Ka Tohfa?

'Khushi ka Tohfa' functions in a very simple way. You can visit the 'Khushi ka Tohfa' page online for gifting life insurance policy, and select a gift card. Next, you may add the details of the person for whom you are buying the insurance gift. You can also customize the plan as per the requirements.

How does Khushi Ka Tohfa Works?

The best benefit of buying or gifting an insurance policy from Khushi ka Tohfa is that you get to select from a range of products after making a detailed comparison.

Advantages of buying insurance from Khushi Ka Tohfa?

>> For whom are you buying the plan

Things to Remember While Choosing an Insurance Plan from Khushi Ka Tohfa?

>> The age of the person

>> Requirement of the person

>> Precise Details

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