World Stroke Day 2023

Check Brain Stroke Symptoms, Prevention, Facts & Importance of the Day

World Stroke Organization (WSO), a global body focused on stroke, works with the vision for a life free from stroke. World Stroke Day is observed annually on 29th October to prevent the occurrence of a stroke and spread awareness across the globe about the disease.

What are the brain stroke symptoms to watch out for?

Below are some symptoms to look out for:

1. Face drooping: One side of the face might have numbness or might droop. So, if the person smiles, it may look uneven

2. Arm weakness: One arm might feel weak or numb. The person may not be able to raise both arms, or one arm may drift downward

3. Speech slurred: The person may not be able to speak, or whatever the person says may be unclear

4. Time to call for help: If a person shows any of the above symptoms, it is time to call for emergency medical help

How to Prevent a Stroke?

To prevent a stroke, the first thing is to understand the various risk factors connected to a stroke. For example,

1. Connection of a stroke with high blood pressure

2. Relation of a stroke with smoking and alcohol consumption

3. How stroke and exercise are linked:

4. Diet and stroke connection:

5. Role of high cholesterol in stroke:

6. Diabetes also increases the risk of a stroke:

How to Observe World Stroke Day 2023

1. Adopting a healthy lifestyle:

2. Regular checkup:

3. Educate your family about symptoms:

Importance of World Stroke Day

1. To generate awareness: The day generates awareness among people about strokes and their treatment. Being a dangerous disease, getting the right brain stroke treatment without delay is important. The slightest delay may cause the life of the person suffering a stroke. Hence, it is essential to stay aware and informed

2. Reminder of healthy living: A Stroke can be devastating and leave the sufferer crippled for life. A healthy lifestyle, along with regular health checkups, can help one avoid such a situation

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