Vaccinations are important to keep us away from diseases. As the National Vaccination Day 2023 approaches, let us take a look at the history and significance of this day in India.

History, Significance, & Theme

National Vaccination Day 2023

History of National Vaccination Day

Vaccination began in the 1700s by Edward Jenner, who used a cowpox vaccine to immunize a child in 1796. He also developed the first smallpox vaccine in 1798.

Mass immunization against smallpox continued in the 18th and 19th centuries, leading to its eradication in 1979. Louis Pasteur's experiments led to the development of a cholera vaccine in the 19th century.

Some facts to know about Vaccines

Here are some facts about vaccines that might interest you:

– Vaccines save life of over 2.5 million people every year

– There are various ways of administering vaccine; some are given as shots, while some orally

– Vaccination could eradicate smallpox completely since 1997

– New born babies receive their first vaccination at eight weeks and later at 12, 16 weeks and so on

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