A Nutrient-Rich Guide to Healthy Diwali Eating

From cleaning and renovations to decorations and get-togethers to eating delectable cuisines and sweets, Diwali is a time to indulge in all these and more.

Creating a Healthier Diwali Menu

Diwali is an occasion to share good food from a delectable menu. However, consuming too many sweets and oily/spicy food may harm your health severely. Hence, it is better to create a Diwali menu that has nutritious options to pick from.

Recipe 1 – Dry Fruits Laddoos

Recipe 2 – Kaju Katli

Recipe 3 – Coconut laddoos

Healthy Diwali Festivity Munchies

Here are some more options for healthy Diwali munchies to include in your Diwali menu:

Nuts and Seeds: Almonds, walnuts, and other seeds are nutritious and loaded with vitamin E, phosphorus, and fiber.

Fruits: Apples, pomegranates, and oranges are some fresh fruits that you can include in your recipes and for snacking as well. Apples and pomegranates are rich in vitamin K, and fiber, while Oranges are rich sources of vitamins C and A.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a healthy addition to your festive diet because of its protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotic contents. You can include it in raitas, yogurt dips, yogurt kababs, yogurt salads, and more.

Light Snacks: You can use roasted chickpeas and sprouts for light and nutritious snacks during this festive season

Herbal Teas: You can include herbal teas in your menu for beverages.

What to Avoid During Diwali for a Healthy Festivity

– Avoid deep-fried foods prepared in excess oil

– Avoid excessive sweets made with refined sugar

– Avoid processed snacks that are high in salt and preservative content

– Avoid excessive salt consumption

– Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

– Avoid artificial food colors and additives as they have potential side effects

– Avoid overeating. Eat in controlled amounts/portions to prevent overindulgence

Tips to Control Portion Size

Here are some tips for measuring and managing portion sizes:

– Do not skip your meals, as you will feel hungrier and end up eating more

– Do not include all your favorite items on your plate in one go. Take one after another to prevent overindulgence

– You may use plates with compartments to control portion sizes

– Use crockery items of small-size like small plates, spoons, and bowls to limit portions

– Include lots of veggies and salads to fill your plate and consume fewer calories

– If dining outside, order half a plate of a dish

Balancing Festive Delights and Health

Although festivals are the time to enjoy and eat your favorite food, it is vital to do so, keeping in mind your health conditions and goals. We know that the Diwali feast combines rich food items as part of the Diwali traditions. However, do not go overboard and consume items that are unhealthy in large proportions. You must try to balance it out with healthier choices. Along with controlling diets and limiting portions, availing of a preventive health insurance policy can act as a safety net in case of health concerns during the festivities. Preventive Health Insurance is the need of the hour for everyone, especially the elderly and those with pre-existing diseases. Health insurance covers not just hospitalization and other expenses but includes routine health check-ups too. These regular health check-ups allow you to control diseases by taking adequate preventive measures, thereby maintaining overall well-being.

Prioritizing Health and Festive Joy

Embracing a balanced approach to Diwali celebrations is important if you want to combine joy and health. skipping your regular exercises, overindulging in unhealthy snacks and sweets, and not keeping a tab on your calorie count may disturb your health as an aftermath of Diwali. Maintaining fitness even during festivities is crucial to enjoying the moments guilt-free. It also serves the long-term benefits of your health. So, this Diwali, shun unhealthy food items and make nutritious choices by opting for healthy Indian sweets for Diwali. Besides, purchase or renew your preventive health insurance to promote proactive health care before and after Diwali.

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