Post-Office gram suraksha scheme  premium calculator 2022-23

About Post Office Gram Suraksha Scheme

The Post Office Gram Suraksha Policy is a life insurance plan with the added benefit of a plan switching facility. The insured under this plan can change it to an endowment policy after completing a period of 5 years into the scheme.

Understand the Post Office Gram Suraksha Scheme Calculator

Insurance calculators are tools that are freely available and can be used online to calculate premiums of various plans. The Post Office Gram Suraksha Scheme Calculator is one such tool that can be used to calculate the premium of the post office Gram Suraksha Scheme. Thus, you can estimate the premium to be paid as per the benefits desired and the life coverage you seek.

How to Use?

The Post Office Gram Suraksha Scheme Calculator makes it hassle-free and easy to calculate the premium of the policy.

Click on the ‘Buy Policy’ tab

Select a Quote

Now, enter the details mentioned below:

1. Policy seeker’s name

2. Contact number

3. Policy seeker’s email ID

4. Gender of the policy seeker

5. Date of birth

6. State and pin code

7. Sum Assured

8. Profession

9. Type of Product

Advantages of Using POGSS Calculator

There are many advantages of using a calculator to compute the premium of polices as mentioned below:

Saves Time: it saves time. You can get all the information to choose an appropriate plan matching your needs within few minutes

Easily Affordable: If you are looking for an reasonable plan, use a Post Office Gram Suraksha Scheme calculator to evaluate the premium amount that suits you best

Allow the policy seeker to choose right insurance cover: you can easily estimate the right coverage amount of your policy. This will help in covering your family financially and to take care of your liabilities.

Assist in Financial Planning: will guide you regarding the premium payment that is to be done immediately after buying the plan.

Factors Affecting the POGSS Calculator

1. The Term/Tenure of Policy chosen by the     policyholder determines the premium payment     that is to be made

2. Tenure of premium payment can be chosen      by the policyholder as per their comfort on a      yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis

3. The life coverage selected by the insured also       determines the premium rates of Gram       Suraksha Scheme

4. Age of the person buying the policy is also a      factor that affects the Gram Suraksha      Scheme of the post office.

5. Lifestyle habits of policyholders such as      smoking are also taken into consideration      while calculating the premium amount.

6. There are options of paying a premium. ‘You      can either go for single  payment, regular      payment or limited payment.

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