Preventive Health Checkup 80D Deduction, Proof and Tax Benefits

As the saying goes, Health is wealth, and to maintain good health you need to give it utmost priority. Hence it confirms the importance of getting regular preventive health check-ups.

Like servicing is essential for smooth running of most machinery, our body, which is also like an intense machine that works efficiently and helps us keep going, requires preventive check-ups. So, our health deserves regular check-ups. However, we tend to avoid preventive check-ups and ignore our body most of the time.

Why Are Preventive Health Check-ups Needed?

Below are rules for claiming preventive health checkup deduction on income tax:

Am I Eligible for Tax Deductions on Preventive Health Check-up Costs?

1. Expense on preventive health check-up can be     incurred during a specific financial year.

2. If you get your own health check-up done, or of      your partner/spouse, your dependent children, or      your parents, then only you can enjoy tax      deduction by means of preventive check-up.

3. Tax benefits on preventive health check-up can       be received generally in terms of money.

4. There is no extra deduction for senior citizens if       they go through the preventive check-up.

Few Other Points to Take Note of in Regard to Preventive Health Check up:

1. Nothing has been specified by law about the     kinds of medical tests that qualify under     preventive check-ups.

2. Another good thing about preventive check-up      deductions is that you don’t need to submit any      receipt about the same to the department of      income tax.

3. You must also note that the preventive health      check deduction can be claimed on an      individual basis.

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