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Driving your own vehicle is fun but there are certain rules and regulations which applies to every person driving a car on the roads in India.

RTO Guidelines for

Fine for Using

Tinted Glass by RTO

Reasons Behind Enforcing this Rule in India?

All the above and many other reasons makes it necessary for people to follow RTO approved sun control film for car rule so that visibility is not hampered and traffic rules are also maintained.

2. To avoid accidents – The use of dark glasses led to an increasing number of road accidents in India. This rule also helps in bringing down the number of accidents.

3. To aid traffic police – Tinted glass reduced the visibility of traffic police and makes it difficult for them to perform their duties.

1. To avoid criminal activity – Since most criminals use tinted glass in their vehicles to escape from the eyes of law. So this rule helps in limiting such activities.

The first thing that you would probably be interested in knowing is the reason for enforcing this rule. So, here are the reasons for this rule:

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Permissible Limit of Tinted Glass in India

Some of the rules regarding the use of tinted glass in cars are as follows:

1. Minimum visibility of 50% on the side window     glasses is necessary.

2. Minimum visibility of 70% is needed on the      glasses in the rear and front.

However, despite the RTO rule, Rs. 2.64 crore fine was received from 1.32 lakh cars in 2019 for violating this law. Though car window tinting can offer despite from the hot sun during summers, you cannot get such alterations in your car as you may be penalized by traffic police for doing so and it is legally not permissible.

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Using cars with tinted glasses can get you into paying penalty. RTO rule specifies that if someone is caught driving a car with tinted glasses, the first penalty for rule violation is charged at Rs.100. However, if the same violation is repeated and the driver gets caught, the penalty is increased in the subsequent times. The rule says that for the second offence, the penalty levied is Rs. 300. Likewise, the third time the RTO will not only levy a fine of Rs.300 additionally it will be suspending your driver’s license.

What is the Fine Levied for Applying Tinted Glass in Cars in India?

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Why is Tinted Car Windows Banned in India?

To avoid or curb the criminal offences taking place in India, Supreme Court in 2012 passed a ruling to ban the use of tinted glass or sun film in cars.  The use of tinted glass makes it difficult to see the interiors of the car from outside, thereby making it easy for criminals to get into different criminal activities. Most people with criminal bent of mind used heavily tinted glasses in their cars to shield them against their immoral and criminal acts.

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Process to Remove Tinted Window from Your Car?

There are many ways of removing tinted glass from your car windows and rear glasses.  Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

3. Now remove the tinted foil from your car’s window      with ease

2. Melt the glue of tinted foil

1. Use a heat gun

Use the soapy water and remove the tinted window from your car

Soapy water is also used to remove the glue of the tinted glass

You can also remove the tinted glass from your car by using soapy water; here’s how

4. If you don’t have a heat gun, use a hairdryer      instead

Also, it will make your car windows clear and clean

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What can be used to Replace Tinted Glass?

Since summers in India are very hot, the ban of tinted glass made it difficult for drivers to drive smoothly, especially in the hot summer season. Seeing the inconvenience caused due to the ban of tinted glass, many companies came up with latest products that can be used to replace the tinted glass or sun films.

One such product is the ‘Dark Green UV Cut Glass’, which is a new product launched in the market. This glass is expected to remove UV radiation to a great extent. Also, they are likely to limit thermal weight generated within the interiors of a car. Further, the glass comes with 50% visibility mark to make it a good choice for cars.

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