Safe Short-Term Investments Plans with High Returns in India 2022

1. Interest Rate – 4 – 6%

2. Minimum amount – Rs.1,000

1. Recurring     Deposits

RD is another lucrative short-term savings option that can be used to earn good returns on your investment.

3. Maximum amount –  No Upper Limit

4. Maturity period – 6 months 10 years

5. The RD interest amount is taxable.

1. Rate of return is 2.5% to 5.5% per annum

2. Duration of FD can vary from 7 days     to 10 years

2. Fixed       Deposits (FD)

FD is another best short term investment plan available for a short duration of 7 days to over 10 years.

3. The FD interest is taxable.

4. Hassle-free and fixed return investment.

1. Rate of interest is 6% to 8% per annum.

2. Duration of the scheme is 1 to 3 years.

3. Corporate      Deposit

The Corporate Deposits are similar to Fixed deposits and are available with any commercial bank.

3. Matures within five years.

4. Interest earned in corporate deposit is      taxable as per your income tax slab.

1. Rate of interest is 8% to 11% per annum.

2. Duration of the plan is between 6 months     to 3 years.

4. Short-term Debt      Mutual Funds

Another top short-term investment plan is Debt Mutual Funds.

3. These plans do not attract TDS.

4. Allow low fees for transaction

1. Minimum investment – Rs.1000

2. Maximum investment – no max. limit

5. National Savings       Certificate (NSC) 

NSC is a low-risk tax-saving scheme available with the post-offices across India for short-term investment.

3. Interest Rate – 6.8%

4. Lock in tenure – 5 years

4. Tax Benefits – Up to Rs.1.5 lakh (as per     Section 80C of Income Tax)

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