Steps To File A Claim For Car Theft

Do you know how your car insurance protects you against theft? Do you know the process to claim for car theft? If not, read on to know the easy steps here.

How to File a  Car Theft Claim in India

We all know what all coverage a comprehensive car insurance policy offers. On one hand, the basic third-party policy protects you against the third-party damages and liabilities, while on the other hand, a comprehensive policy offers all-inclusive protection to your car against own damages and losses including damages caused by man-made disasters and natural calamities.

5 Ways to Prevent a Car Theft

FIR report – The first step is to file an FIR or First Information Report.

Contact Your Insurance Provider –  Once you file the FIR, the next important step is to contact your insurer and inform them about the car theft.

Contact Your RTO – It is also important to contact the RTO or the Regional Transport Office as per the Motor Vehicle Act of the country and inform them about the incident.

Submit the Required Documents to Your Insurance Company – For a successful claim, you will also have to submit some documents to your insurer such as:

Get the No-Trace Report from Police – After you lodge an FIR, the case of your missing car gets investigated by the police.

Submit some documents to your insurer such as:

1. Copy of insurance papers

4. Original FIR paper

5. Claim form

6. Copy of DL

3. Copy of RC book

2. Transfer papers from RTO

7. RTO forms

Required Documents for Insurance Claim

How much Time Required to get your  Car Theft Claim Sanctioned

As already stated above, you need a no-trace report from the police to get your car insurance claim sanctioned. And a no-trace report requires at least 30 days to get generated (depending on your location and the date when you registered the FIR)

Further, generation of IDV by your insurer also requires another 2 to 3 months. So, in general, 3-4 months are required for the entire claim filing and claim sanction process to take place. However, it is important to ensure that you follow the process well and offer all the needed information so that no delays take place.

Reasons of Car Theft Claim Rejection

There might be several reasons which can get your car theft claim rejected such as :

1. Not filing a claim on time.

2. If the insurance company is of the view that you      haven’t taken enough steps to protect your vehicle.

3. If there is any mismatch in the papers that you      have submitted.

4. If there is any mismatch in the papers that you      have submitted.

5. If you do not have or you can’t present two      different sets of car keys to the insurance provider.

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