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Having a high sum insured in a health insurance plan is important given the ever-increasing medical expenses. However, affording a high sum insured year on year can prove to be challenging and this is where top up health insurance plans come into the picture.

Type of Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans in India

Top-up health insuarance plan

Super Top-up health insuarance plan

Difference Between top up and Super top up Health Insurance

Top-up Health Insurance

Super Top-up Health Insurance

The plan pays the claim if an independent claim exceeds the chosen deductible limit.

The premiums are lower.

The plan pays the claim if the aggregate value of all claims occurring in a Policy year exceeds the chosen deductible limit.

The premiums are comparatively higher than top up plans but substantially lower than Regular Health Plans.

Benefits Of Top Up Health Insurance And Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans

1. Increase the health insurance coverage

4. Comprehensive coverage

2. Affordable coverage

3. Flexibility

5. Sufficient coverage against multiple      claims in a year

6. Tax benefits

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