Third-Party Car Insurance Inclusions, Exclusions, Features and Benefits

What is Third Party Insurance Cover and how does it work?

As already stated, third party car insurance is a coverage that protects the insured person from third party liabilities that may arise due to accidents or collision involving the insured car. Under the third-party insurance policy, you get coverage against any bodily injuries or death of a third-party person or damage of a third party vehicle or property. It is mandatory for every car owner in India to have a third-party insurance as per law.

Importance and need of third-party car insurance cover

It is important to have a third party car insurance policy because it is compulsory by law in India to have a basic third-party insurance for every vehicle owner. Thus, this policy offers the basic and essential coverage that is needed to drive a car. Also, in terms of cost this policy is reasonable and can be afforded by most people owning cars. This policy also allows law abiding citizens driving cars on the Indian roads to follow or comply with the law.

Features of  third-party car insurance cover

The key features of third party insurance policy are as follows:

1. A Third Party Policy Covers the insured against    Property Damages for up to a limit of Rs. 7.5     Lakh.

2. A Third Party Insurance Policy does not allow      the insured to buy any Add-on Covers.

3. Third Party Insurance allows the insured to      buy a Personal Accident Cover for the         owner/driver.

4. Third Party Insurance can be bought either       Online or Offline.

5. Third Party Insurance doesn't cover the Own      Damage Costs of the insured.

Benefits of third party car insurance cover

Below are the main third-party insurance benefits that an insured can have by purchasing a third party policy:

1. Let you comply with the law

2. Allow you peace of mind

3. Available at a low premium price

4. Cost effective

5. Seamless Buying process

6. Allow insured individuals to have financial aid      against third-party legal liabilities

Process to buy third-party car insurance online

You can follow the below steps to purchase a third party insurance car online:

1. Go to the website of the insurer. Alternatively,     you can visit

2. Go to the ‘Get Your Quote’ section in the portal      and submit your car registration number. Or      else, you can submit the model number of the      car, make of the car or even the registration      year of the car.

3. Now add your details like name, mobile      number etc. You will be able to see the quotes      on your screen.

4. Choose the policy that you want to buy or that      suits your needs as per budget.

5. Now make the payment and you will receive      the policy documents on your email ID for      your third party vehicle insurance.

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