For people who want to make their families financially secure during a time when they are not around to take care of them, investing in a Rupees 2 Crore life insurance policy is ideal.

Top Companies Providing ₹2 Crore Term Insurance Plans in India

Buy ₹2 Crore Term Insurance Plan

When we say - buy a Rs. 2 Crore term insurance plan it means that we are buying an insurance plan that is offering 2 Crore rupees as sum assured. Under this plan, the nominee of the insured gets rupees Rs. 2 Crore as death benefit if the insured dies untimely during the term of the policy.

Why do you need a ₹2 Crore Term Insurance plan?

A Rs. 2 Crore Term Insurance Plan is like any other investment option, which needs to be weighed in terms of its features and benefits. If you are wondering why you need the best term insurance plan for Rupees 2 Crore, here are some reasons to know:

Economical and pocket-friendly : The first and the foremost benefit of a Rs. 2 Crore term insurance plan is that they are cost-effective and pocket friendly. The Rupees 2 Crore term insurance premium doesn't make a hole in your pocket and thus is within your affordability reach. Further, they permit the added benefit of long duration savings.

Tax deductions/Exemptions : The Term insurance Rs. 2 Crore allows the insured to enjoy tax deductions under section 10D of income tax. So, the premium you pay on term plans as well as the sum you receive as death benefit do not levy any tax on the beneficiary. So, irrespective of the term insurance amount, the payout and bonuses of term plans are tax free.

Who All Should Buy ₹2 Crore Term Insurance Plans?

Here are some reasons to buy Term Insurance Rs. 2 Crore:

1. The term insurance plans are economical,     especially if they are bought while you are young     and healthy. So, buying a Rs. 2 Crore Term plan is    better at a young age at the start of your career as    you get to pay an easy premium for Rupees 2     Crore Term insurance.

2. Also, for people who are the sole earning member     in the family it is essential to buy a term     insuranceplan for Rs. 2 Crore to make sure that     your family lives a happy and secured life even      when the earning member is not around.

3. For people with annual income 5 lakh rupees or        more buying a term plan of Rs. 2 Crore is ideal.

4. People with financial dependents must also      consider investing their money in a Term      insurance plan for Rupees 2 Crore.

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