Top Investment Options for Investing ₹1 Lakh for 6 Months

1. The minimum and maximum investment    periods are 6 months and 10 years    respectively

2. The best investment options for salaried    person due to this regular saving option.

1. Recurring     Deposits

If you want the best option to invest money for 6 months, then this could be your ideal choice, you may get a 3.50% to 5.50% average return every year.

3. The rate of interest could be the same       as a fixed deposit

4. You can take a loan against the deposit.

1. This type of account offers insurance   protection to customers

2. You will get a higher rate of interest

3. You may get debit cards against your       account

2. Money Market       Account

By opening this type of account, you may get a higher interest amount than a normal savings account.

1. This is one of the best investment       options in India for short term.

2. They offer fixed interest rates to the       moneylender.

3. You will get a loan against your residential         property.

3. Debt        Instruments

This type of investment offer higher returns as compared to fixed deposits.

1. Offer lucrative interest rates to     customers

2. You can easily open accounts at your     nearest bank

3. This investment option is ideal for short-term      periods

4. Bank Fixed       Deposits

This is one of the best investment options for beginners as it will enhance your savings gradually.

4. You can comfortably transfer funds between        accounts

1. The scheme offers you various lock-in     periods as per your choice

2. You are eligible for income tax benefits

3. You may get astonishing returns

5. Post-office Time       Deposits

This is one of the popular investment options for senior citizens.

4. Revision and determination of rates are also      offered

5. The scheme provides you with a minimum     deposit amount

1. HDFC Ltd FD

2. Bajaj Finserv FD

3. PNB Housing FD

6. Corporate        Deposits

These are known as company fixed deposits where you may invest your hard-earned money for a particular period at a fixed interest rate.

4. Sundaram Finance Company FD

5. Mahindra Finance FD Scheme

1. These companies have unprecedented     market reputations in their respective fields

2. The risks are minimal as they offer stable     returns

3. These investment options are ideal for     those who want to avoid extreme volatility      in the stock market

7. Large-Cap      Mutual Funds

This type of scheme invests 80% of the corpus in the eminent 100 companies by market capitalization.

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