What Happens When Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Lapses?

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Meaning of Lapsed Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

The term ‘Lapsed Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy’ means an insurance plan that has expired for not being renewed on time. When a policy lapses, it almost signifies that you are no longer covered under any policy. All your policy benefits and rights disappear since you didn’t pay your premium before the last premium payment date or during the grace period.

What will Happen if you do not Renew your Bike Insurance Policy on Time?

If you do not renew your bike insurance policy before the expiry date and even during the grace period of 90 days, your policy lapses. Many things are likely to happen if you do not renew your policy on time. For example, your no-claim bonus (NCB) discounts will be canceled. Besides, your insurer might impose a hiked premium when you renew the policy next. Further, you will have to bear the expenses of repairing the third-party vehicle damages in case your bike (uninsured) collides with a third party in an accident. Hence, renewing and staying covered is better to avoid such situations.

Online Mode to Renew your Lapsed Policy:

Renewing expired two-wheeler insurance online is a very simple and hassle-free process. It saves time and money as well as is utterly convenient. Here are the steps to follow:

– Before renewing the policy online, make sure to keep all the required documents, such as the lapsed policy paper and your RC or Registration Certificate, close by

– Next, go to the official portal of the insurance company

– Go to the insurance renewal page and submit details of your plan

– Next, pay for the plan using your debit/credit card or via NEFT payment

– Once the transaction is successfully done, your policy is renewed

Offline Mode to Renew your Lapsed Policy:

Offline is the mode of renewal that has been going on for long. This is the traditional mode where you have to visit the branch of your insurer to get the policy renewed. Carry all the documents required, like policy papers and RC. The insurer will initiate the renewal process once they receive all the documents. You may note that in case of offline renewal, your insurer might ask you to get your vehicle inspected before renewing the plan.

Why it is Good to Renew Policy Online as Compared to Offline?

Online renewal is an easy process as it can be done from the comfort of your home and in no time. For offline renewal, you might have to visit the insurer’s office or pay money to an agent. Hence, online mode is generally suggested. Also, by renewing your lapsed policy online, you can skip the step of getting your vehicle to undergo an inspection. (Which is asked by some insurers in case of lapsed policies)

How To Safeguard Your Motor Insurance Policy from Getting Lapsed?

The long-term policies are beneficial in many ways, such as;

– You can be relieved of getting the policy renewed every year. You won’t have to keep track of the expiry date now and then

– People who are busy and who have multiple vehicles and multiple insurance policies can benefit from such policies to a great extent

– Long-term policies allow the insured to avoid the hassle of penalties or bike insurance expired fines for non-renewal of bikes

– Another benefit is that you will not be paying extra charges every year despite inflation, and your premium will remain constant for 3 years

Is It Compulsory to Renew Add-Ons While Renewing Your Lapsed Policy?

Add-on covers are the additional covers/riders that you might hold along with your bike insurance plan. Some of the add-ons that one can buy are Zero depreciation cover, engine protection cover, no claim bonus (NCB) protection cover, etc. All these covers can be bought by paying an extra amount of premium at the time of buying your bike insurance policy.

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