Sparsh Defence Pension Portal 

Complete Guide to Login and Registration

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India initiated a new system of pension in the form of Sparsh Defence Pension portal to help in sanctioning and disbursement of pension to armed forces personnels.

What is the Sparsh Pension System?

Sparsh Pension System is a web-based system of pension transfer among the people who retire from the defence forces. The pension amount under the Sparsh Defence account is administered by the Defence Account Department through the defence account principal controller.

The Sparsh Defence Pension portal allows the pensioner to access his/her pension account without any hassle. This way, the beneficiary of the account can have complete transparency about the account in terms of payment details that were already made. It also lets the pensioner access each and every privilege under the system including the details of pension start and end date.

How does the Sparsh Pension System Work?

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When a defence personnel submits his/her audited pension claims to the defence account’s principal controller, the pensioner is allotted a unique account number. This account number can be received by the pensioner via email or via his/her registered mobile number.

Later, when the account holder raises the pension claims, he/she can check the details on the Sparsh Defence Pension portal for verification. This verification method is known as PDV or Pensioner Data Verification.

This process ensures that the account beneficiary has checked the information uploaded in the portal by Pension Sanction Authority and is satisfied with the details. Here, the pensioner can also declare a nominee at this stage.

How to Login to Sparsh Pension Portal?

1. Go to the official portal of Sparsh Defence Pension at

Follow the simple steps given below to log in to the Sparsh pension system:

2. If you are the beneficiary of the pension account, you must already have received the unique account ID and password on your registered mobile or email

3. So, you can use those credentials to enter the account

4. You must remember that the last two digits of your unique user ID are 01

5. You now have to submit the captcha code and click on the Sparsh login button

6. You will enter the Sparsh web portal

7. Once you enter the portal for the first time, you must change the password immediately

8. Once you enter the portal for the first time, you must change the password immediately

9. Also, you might have to submit a declaration regarding the issues of future pension amounts, including the refund of excess pension payment issue

10. The pensioner or the account holder is also required to go through the personal documentation process with Aadhaar card

11. Once the Aadhaar number is submitted, you may be asked to complete the Pensioner Data Verification or PDV process

12. Once that process is done, the user will be informed through the Sparsh pension system

13. Now that the pensioner has changed the password successfully and also completed the verification process, he/she can access the Sparsh Defence Pension portal freely

14. You may also get a defence pension slip of your monthly pension on the Sparsh portal

What is the process of User Registration under Sparsh Defence pension

Here are the steps to follow for the same:

1. If you are the user, you must enter your new username, which should not contain any space or exceptional characters

2. In the second step, you should fill the applicant type on the account as ‘individual account’

3. Proceed further and submit your full name

4. Enter DOB or date of birth and select gender

5. Also, fill out the details of the discipline that the user has covered

6. Now, you must fill in the program initiation and completion dates

7. You can now proceed and enter your contact details, including residential address, city etc.

8. Next you must enter the state and pin code along with the country name

9. Now add your mobile number

10. Once you fill all the details you may enter the captcha code and give declaration that the details offered are correct

11. Once you give the declaration, click the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process.

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